Top 10 Games To Look Out For

Taking a break a little from the recent barrage of football related postings, recently we just had the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and the announcements that was made in that show damn near blew the minds of every gamers in the planet. By far one of the most exciting E3 yet in history, the common theme that each announcement had was the migration to "next gen tech" in gaming especially for the Playstation 4.

So I've decided to come up with the top 10 list of games that I am looking out for after the reveal in E3.

Just a quick disclaimer before I continue with this list. Firstly I am a huge fan of RPG based games which is the reason why I would be more inclined to put RPG based games in my list compared to other genres. Secondly, I do understand that some of the games were revealed much earlier than the ones in E3 but I believe that there are some that is worth mentioning in the list, just because. :)

That all done? Here we go!

no. 10 - The Division

When they first announced this game, everyone went nuts. This game offered the first look on what "next gen gaming" could offer to the public and pretty much created a new feel to online/co-op gaming in your now popular post apocalyptic world theme.

It gave the same feel when Call of Duty parted ways from the historical story line to the near future technology made available to modern warfare. Which means, bigger and more awesome gadgets can be used, with a completely new gameplay that was going to be the next gamechanger for the warfare games.

 [Jaw dropping look at the mapping system in the game]

Expected Release Date: March 2016
Platform: PC, Playstation 4, XBox One
Why I am Looking Forward to This: The sheer possibilities that can be done with this game is amazing and I can't wait to sample their multiplayer co-op game.
Possible Issue: One this about Ubisoft is that after AC: Unity, many fans of the make are a little scared that they will once again receive an "unfinished" game when released. I do hope that Ubisoft learn their lesson from the past and not rush to release the game just because they need to match their competition.

no. 9 - Anno 2205

I've played my fair share of  simulation games but the Anno series really grabbed my attention in the past. Hence why when they made the announcement for Anno 2205, I really got excited. It's been a while since they last made a really good simulation game (I'm still waiting for a new railroad or theme park tycoon game...)

Looking at the trailer that was announced recently, the graphics of the game looks absolutely amazing and I believe that they will be exploring a much bigger space and travel within the towns which would be absolutely amazing.

Expected Release Date: November 2015
Platform: PC
Why I am Looking Forward to This: A new frontier in city building game. The previous titles was not a disappointment so looking forward to see what comes this time around.
Possible Issue: Hopefully they would go with something more "sustainable" in this title as the only problem that I can find in the previous Anno titles is that the mission can be a little repetitive.

no. 8 - Need For Speed

An all time classic, Need for Speed has now gone into third gear by adapting the next gen graphics and game play into their title, resulting to one hell of an epic trailer and even a game play demo during the E3.

Free form customization, selection of cars and even the street styled missions reminded me of a better version of NFS: Underground in the past. Like the previous titles, they have maintained the free run missions in the township area, just that they have added the element of police car chases every now and then in the mission.

Expected Release Date: November 2015
Platform: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Why I am Looking Forward to This: Fast shiny cars and blistering missions. Enough said.
Possible Issue: While the free roam car customization is something to look forward to, I would hope that they would not bomb out in limiting the amount of customisation available during the game.

no.7 - Shenmue III

When Shenmue first broke the scene, I have to admit I was not the person that was playing it but I was with SafrizOnline who was doing the honors of breaking into this game. It was a revolutionary game that came out of Sega Dreamcast back then and people fell in love with the graphics as well as the storyline behind the game. 

For some reason, it stood out big time back in the day but at the time when Dreamcast went out of production, so did the Shenmue title and the storyline left without a continuation.

Which is why when they announced that the game was going to be developed, everyone lost their minds and can't wait to see what the game could offer. Fully funded by Kickstarter, the game has been in development since 3 years ago and looks good for it to be released soon.

Expected Release Date: December 2017
Platform: PC and Playstation 4
Why I am Looking Forward to This: Its like a relationship that ended without closure and now there is a possibility to have that. With Shenmue 3 timeline still far away from now, the possibilities are endless with the game.
Possible Issue: After getting the initial Kickstarter amount needed to fund the project, there are reports that Yu Suzuki is looking to achieve a target of USD10 mil before developing the project, which may result to a further delay on the release of the game.

no. 6 - Star Wars Battlefront

Another extension of a title that deserves to be transformed by the next gen technology is Star Wars Battlefront. As the trailer has suggested, we would be seeing much epic game play than ever before and would hope that the storyline would match the graphics showcased.

Star Wars Battlefront would showcase a much improved gaming experience and from the announcement trailer that was shown in E3, so much promise can be seen in this game. In addition with the latest Star Wars movie that is coming out, it couldn't be announced at a better time.

Expected Release Date: December 2015
Platform: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Why I am Looking Forward to This: The fact that the game play trailer has already revealed so much, I'm looking forward to see what they can offer in this game.
Possible Issue: While the announcement trailer looks amazing, there was a disclaimer that what was shown was not the actual game play footage, which is uber annoying.

no.5 - Assassins Creed : Syndicate

From what has been revealed so far on this title of AC, it does look good. Set in the timeline of Victorian England, we now see the franchise bring their story to the timeline of Industrial Europe, which is when the whole idea of secrets and political assassinations thrive the most.

As a person that has played this game since the very beginning, I must admit that it is to my fault that I have yet to play the latest addition to the title, due to the problems and major glitches in the game. However AC: Syndicate seem to be their saving grace for the title itself.
Expected Release Date: October 2015
Platform: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Why I am Looking Forward to This: Every single title they announced, they have included a new element to the game which I always look out for. Also, the story line for AC: Syndicate is rumored to be one of their best work so far.
Possible Issue: Once again, I really do hope they didn't rush to take this game out....

no.4 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Any real gamer would know that with every title from the Uncharted franchise, you would  expect the game to be perfect. Once was the only few games that received a perfect score in its review, the latest Uncharted 4 is expected to be nothing less than amazing.

 Uncharted 4 marks the first of the series to be featured in Playstation 4 and there are also rumors that this would be the LAST Drake's appearance in the franchise, which makes it even more special. Moreover, the enhancements of next gen gaming will open up bigger possibilities for this game, which fans of the series can't wait.

Expected Release Date: March 2016
Platform: Playstation 4
Why I am Looking Forward to This: Pretty much covered above.
Possible Issue: They are going to kill Drake. You bastards....

no. 3 - Mass Efffect : Andromeda

While we look at all the games that has been mentioned so far, Mass Effect is one of those titles that had such a big following until last title's epic fail ending which broke so many people's hearts. Hence why the announcement of Andromeda gave light as to the next upcoming chapter, possibly post Captain Shepard, as to what the franchise has to offer next for the fans. 

While there is still much to be revealed from the game, fans are predicting that the storyline will take place in a different galaxy than Shepard's, as well as identifying a new breed of N-7 troops which against highlights the demise of the Captain. Also the gameplay is rumored to be different as well, taking itself further away from the original trilogy of games in the past.
Expected Release Date: October 2016
Platform: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Why I am Looking Forward to This: The idea of taking the new settlement to a new galaxy is extremely exciting as well as the rumored news that they have revamped the old game system to a more advanced method, including the controls for the craft!
Possible Issue: After the debacle with the ending of Mass Effect 3, there are high expectations with this game from the fans which I would hope they don't choke!

no. 2 - Fallout 4

One of the biggest reveal for me in the expo, which left me so flabbergasted I started calling every gaming friend I know about the news. 5 years in the making, fans like myself has been waiting for so long just to get another title from the franchise.

So far, we know that Fallout 4 will feature a much larger mapping of the Wasteland than any of their previous title released. We know that they changed the entire game play to enhance the gaming experience, with much improved graphics and the missions now are not only limited to in game but other activities as well. We also know that the mysterious "Vault 111" will be featured mainly in this game. So much to digest.

Bethesda Studios spared no expenses in the release announcement, citing a 5 minute game play demo which also featured a new face creation module for your character. Best thing is, finally, our Dweller actually speaks for the first time!

Expected Release Date: 10th November 2015 (Worldwide Release)
Platform: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Why I am Looking Forward to This: I can't even start listing, there is too much!
Possible Issue: Because of the scope the game will feature (even the developers admit that they are doing too much!) that is far greater than they have ever done, expected the first couple of months to be buggish.

no.1 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The greatest game reveal of all time. What made it great was that in E3, game after game that was expected to be the game changer was announced, no one saw this coming. After 18 years since it was last produced (and I last played) by Square Enix, they made a ground breaking announcement that they will be making the remake of one of the best titles in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Using the improved graphics from Final Fantasy : Advent Children, fans broke down in tears as the announcement was made. What made it even more epic that it was one of the best kept secret of all time in today's gaming industry.

[The iconic Cloud]

Do keep your attention posted on further updates on this game here. Until then, I'll still be in my fetal position, crying out of joy.

Expected Release Date: 2016 (unconfirmed date)
Platform: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
Why I am Looking Forward to This: The developers have mentioned that this would not just be a "aesthetic upgrade" of the game but a full revamp of game play, storyline and such. This would mean that despite our knowledge of the previous FF7 storyline, it could be different this time...
Possible Issue: are you nuts?


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