Central Park Sports Centre Futsal @ Kota Damansara

5 years ago, my group of classmates from Malay College Class of 2000 decided that in conjunction with our 10 year anniversary we would organize our very own futsal tournament, representing our Houses once more. We were older back then, and the very fact that our sporting abilities diminished as we aged, comedy was guaranteed during the event.

Today, we decided to do it one more time. As you would have guessed, it got even funnier!

[MC 2000 Interhouse Futsal - where we may think that we are young enough for this but the body strongly disagrees]

After a long discussion with the group, we decided to continue on the competition that we did 5 years ago (check out the write up here) and make the competition full blown. We decided to get companies which are owned by classmates to sponsor for the event and in the same time, create an awareness on the existence of these companies. (will do a quick mention later)

So we decided to get our event done in a new location for futsal called Central Park Sports Centre located in Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara. Interestingly enough, the courts are located on a multilevel car park building which houses the courts on the top floor. I would think that is kinda neat considering that it gives ample parking and access for members to come and play here without having to worry about where to park.

Noticed that they have about 3 courts available and the conditions of the courts are decent. Instead of the usual hard surface courts, here they are using the synthetic grass for the courts which makes it suitable for football boots. Only thing is that it can get pretty slippery when running so you need to watch your ankles.

So, back to the competition, everybody decided to turn up bright and early for the tournament so that they can do a bit of warm up before the game.

Bear in mind, these are a bunch of 32 year olds, who was once athletic but today possesses the stamina of an asthmatic snail, so watching these guys do their warm up routine was hillarious, especially when some was already cramping up while doing their warm up.

[The boys doing their friendlies, before competition starts]

As per the last time we did this, we all went back to our respective houses that we used to represent back when we were in school. So the competition consists of:

First up we have the Ahmad House team, who were the champions in our last tournament and was coming in strong. Considered the favorites for the competition as they have the largest number of members that are still willing to come down for training on a weekly basis and has the least number of members with a waistline that has expended by 10cm in the last 10 years.

Next up was the boys in yellow from Mohd Shah House, who are also a team to watch. Having coming second in the last competition as the group underdogs, most people know the athletic ability of this team is one to watch. However, their biggest drawback is having some of their more sports talented looking players sitting on the side to take on more "managerial roles".

Next up is Idris House, which is the house that I proudly represent. Coming in third last year, majority of us agreed that our KPI is to be consistent in our target placing. Although we may not be the most gifted athletes in the bunch (some only decided to buy futsal shoes the night before) but we are noted to be the noisiest in the bunch.

 Finally, we have the boys in Sulaiman House, who are looking to improve their fortunes this year after coming in last in the previous competition. To do so, they decided to turn up with the most number of players in the competition, improving their chances since they now have more people to rotate with.

As the competition progressed, we were told that each house was to play 3 games each, after which we would play another game during the playoffs. Now for regular futsal players, having to play 4 games in a row in the span of 2 hours is rather exhausting. So you can imagine the wild eyed look we gave the organizers when that was announced. 

Despite that, we did showcase some classy moves during the game.

We had some good hustling among the players

Some exquisite ball control shots from the boys:

[Sdr. Kaduk's exquisite ball control shows why he is on the batch's futsal elites]

[Sdr. Skis demonstrating some fancy footwork, despite the size]

[Last competition's best player winner, Sdr. Zack, showing he still has the touch]
[Sdr. Petet's Eagle Styled run was so good, his teammates refused to let him leave the field!]

[Sdr. Megat's syariah compliant gear proved to have improved his game]

On top of that, the proceedings of the game was also showcasing some aerial abilities that one would not expect from an bunch of overweight, pudgy 30 plus year olds!

[Some heartstopping aerial moments during the game]

And of course, they had some moments where shots were taken and everybody held their breath. Although some (or even more) only managed to hit everywhere but the goal target.

[Either the crowd was amazed by Sdr. Poklare and Imy's shooting or their dancing skills]

One thing that I realized among us is that despite the brotherhood we have for each other, pitting us against our own houses does bring up the competitiveness among the boys that have long been forgotten. Tempers were due to rise and every risky maneuvers were executed, despite the body at that point just screaming for us to stop.

[Me trying to calm the tempo of the team down]

[While others go for the reel away celebration technique...]

[...Sdr. Vajie decided to silence his critiques. Of his ultra short pants]

[Shots of the action during the day]

Overall, I would say it is great to have the boys together for this competition and I would believe that the turnout, event, and even the tournament was a huge success. We would hope that we could continue on with this competition on a yearly basis, since having to wait 5 years for this tournament to come is way too long.

And so, the results and awards for the tournament!

MC 2000 Interhouse Futsal Tournament Champion - Mohd Shah House!

Despite having the least number of participants and the least number of regular futsal players, Mohd Shah proved to defy the odds to beat the competition favorites, Ahmad House, to deny them from retaining the trophy. Idris House took third place, beating Sulaiman House in a very close fought match between the two!

Most Valuable Player (Ballon d'Or) Award - Sdr. Tom

Sdr. Tom picked up the award for some awesome display of futsal on that day. He runs, he shoots, he scores and he defends, all while still spotting and awesome mobius beard. Top notch performance!

The "Saya Nampak Bintang Belakang Awan Fect" Award - Argument on Ahmad House's Star

This award goes to the best argument that happened in the tournament goes to the argument between the houses on the validity of Ahmad House's star on their badge for winning the last tournament. Many argued its not fair because officially this would be the first trophy winning tournament so the previous doesn't count. Funny how the noisiest one was Idris House, who had a big ass star on their logo, despite not winning at all.

"Anak Pakcik Nak Tidoq Award - Sdr. Nasriq

This award is given to the noisiest person during the competition and without a shadow of a doubt, that award has to go to Sdr. Nasriq. Even when Idris House is not playing, you could hear him shouting orders to the players which was really confusing. Even the ref faced the wrath of his shouts. And just to make it worse, someone passed him the megaphone...

"Saya Tough" Award - Goalkeepers of the Tournament

To all the goalkeepers of the tournament, take a bow, because this award solely belongs to you. The real heroes of the tournament took a beating that day and still manage to get back up and continued on the tournament despite their injuries. Of course this would be to all goalkeepers except for one...

Conspiracy of the Year - Sdr. Yunus

Last tournament's best goalkeeper of the year winner, Sdr. Yunus was set to feature with the same stature and standard for this competition. However later on in the deciding game, we saw him let in too many easy goals that was highly suspicious. He claims to be a lapse in performance, we say its #konspirasiahmad.

The "MatiHidupSemulaTakBolehBang" Award - Sdr. Kunk

This award is specially to recognize an outstanding effort to stay in the game and it has to go to Sdr. Kunk. This is a man that has hardly did much hard exercises over the past year and the next thing was thrown into a high paced match which we needed the man to take the reigns. In the end he got so tired, he forgotten which team he was on and started to defend the other team's goalpost. Well done.

Fashionista of the Tournament Award - Sdr. Kebau

Despite being present with a jersey, Sdr. Kebau managed to stay minty fresh during the whole tournament without having to break a single sweat. Even in fact he managed to throw in a few managerial tactics into the mix, without having to worry about a misplaced hair. A true fashionista.

I for one would be looking forward for next year's tournament, as many would feel the same way as well. In the end, the main objective of this tournament is to get us all back together again and have fun as a batch like before. In the end, we laughed and joked like a bunch of school kids on holiday and that should be maintained throughout the years to come.

Hopefully, our children can too enjoy the same type of relationship

Til next year boys!


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