Asian Daily Diet Ideas : no. 4

Hello again guys, firstly many apologies for the tardiness of this post, which should be out yesterday. Due to the holidays, I couldn't make the timeline but I am pleased to mention that the next post for this week will be on time as scheduled.

So it has been a while since I last posted on a diet idea here. Some people do ask if there are any suggestions that I can come up with WITHOUT the use of protein shakes, as some has mentioned that it is rather costly to maintain the daily dosage of protein drinks for your average Malaysian.

[Can never go wrong with grilled chicken, brown rice and steamed veges!]

As I have mentioned before in my previous posts, proteins act as a mere SUPPLEMENT to your daily diet and should not be seen as a primary source for your daily protein intake. So in order to compensate that, I did a bit of a calculation with the boys and suggested to go with this set of diet plan.

For this, I've focused more intake during the day and of course including a popular, cheaper option of strong protein source compared to your regular protein shake which is, A CAN OF TUNA! (although I have to admit you do look like you are having a meal of catfood in front of your friends every time you eat it in public...)

So here we go, a diet plan without using protein shakes!

Calorie intake: 1772 cals
Protein intake: 104.28 grams
Carbs intake: 160.38 grams
Fat intake: 47.25 grams
Breakfast: Toasted Wholemeal Bread + 2 Hard Boil Eggs
Mid Morning: Peanut Butter Sandwich
Lunch: Brown Rice + Chicken Breast + Eggs + Mixed Vege
Mid Lunch: Canned Tuna in Water
Before Training: 1 Banana
Dinner: Grill Chicken Breast + Brown Rice + Steamed Broccoli
Supper: 1 Banana

As you can see there is one portion more than my usual suggestion but I would rather focus on fruits (banana being the favorite for potassium) in the extra portion. Also to note that the fat intake is more on this compared to your usual intake. I would suggest to use this combination during a more rigorous training day, as it would help the body burn more with the bigger number of portions of your daily intake.
Also not to forget, this plan still includes your daily supplement intake such as your multi-vits and fish oil tablets.
Something to consider when dieting, be sure to leave comments on what you think of this plan or any ideas to improve it! Thanks!


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