Pre and Post Running Routine

When it comes to running, I believe that everyone has their own routines and rituals that they practice before each run. I am not sure why people do it, in fact I am not sure why me and the rest of Teh Tarik Runners do it in the first place but I guess its become a habit to all of us until the point that we feel uncomfortable not doing it before starting a run.

So, this might make me sound like a crazy person, but I would love to share what we do before our runs!

Teh Tarik Runners Pre-Run Ritual

So, when arriving to the event (usually a day or two before the run starts) we usually takes the time to get our picture taken in front of the place card of the event for good luck. For some reason, we started this habit back when we started running in 2011 and it just followed us throughout our running events.

 [Some example of our routine picture taking!]

Once that is done, comes the best part of pre-running ritual which is our "carbo loading" session!

For those that are not familiar with what carbo-loading is all about, it is basically an eating session that we take the night before which consist primarily a large amount of carbs which hopefully would refuel our glycogen levels before our run the next morning.

When "carbo loading", what we are trying to achieve is to ensure that you do not starve yourself before a run, something that I have seen newcomers to running do, which would result in a likely situation of a depleted muscle situation, which would then result to injuries and cramps while running.

So, our usual routine would be a high carbohydrate meals such as a large portion of pasta and potatoes if we have access to western food restaurants in the area of the run. Otherwise, the fall back plan would be your plate of naan bread and tandoori chicken at your local mamak shop 

Teh Tarik Post - Run Ritual

Now this is something me and the rest of Team Teh Tarik Runners take pride of. After every run that we go together, we have a ritual that we practice for years and we take pride that we have managed to do this on every run that we have participated (except for the Taiping Half) which is our post run pose!


[Our Pose : TO DI WORLD!]

Of course, this pose is to tribute to the great Usain Bolt, who does the same pose each time he finishes a race so we figured it would be kinda cool if we went with the same pose as well for our race!

So those are some of our rituals that we practice before and after our races, which we are happy to announce that we still do the same things that we have been doing since we first started.

What are your rituals before or after your runs? DO SHARE!


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