Avoiding the January Gym Rush

In a blink of an eye, 2014 has passed and we now have a new year to look forward to. However, for most regular gym goers would hate the most is to see a packed gym at the start of the year with people starting out gym as their New Year Resolution.

[Oh jeez...]

Nothing pisses you off the most when you are in week 8 of your training week and there you are in the gym, waiting for 20 minutes just to get the a free space or free weight that some dude is currently using to bench his 20kgs press. 

But like it or not, this is a norm that you see every single year and it is something that you can never avoid. As I was discussing this with Ash, many have asked us on what is the best way for you to avoid wasting your time too much in the gym where there is too many people.

We've concluded on 5 main things to ponder

January is Your Off Season

Like in competitions, there are times where you might need to take some time off from the gym to either recover from a very hectic workout regime or focus on endurance rather than resistance training. Since we know that the gym is packed with "new year resolution gymers", I would suggest that you take the first 3 weeks of January to focus on training on either endurance training, bodyweight workouts or sport exercises, which would ensure that you continue to burn yet in the same time avoid the crowded gym for a while.

Reverse Your Workout Days

When you have a workout routine, chances are everyone else would also have a routine to follow and more likely or not, your specific body part day would be the same as everyone else. What I would always do, if I really need to be at the gym, is to reverse the days of my routine for 3 weeks.

For example, Mondays and Tuesdays are the days that I do my lower body (legs and back) while Fridays are designated for chest days. The reason behind this is that for most newcomers, they would want to focus their strongest body part in the beginning of the week because they would be too sore to do it at the end of the week.

Cardio Regime for 3 Weeks

Lets face it, so many of you out there dread doing cardio. I've heard all the unnecessary excuses for not hitting the "Happy Mill" or the tarmac so with a crowded gym, perhaps this is the time you can put some effort in doing your long overdue runs. As I've mentioned before, cardio is as essential as your weight training so take this opportunity to catch up on your runs. And please leave the excuses of how you would lose your gains from running...

Rest and Review

If you have gone through a very heavy workout routine for the last couple of weeks, take this time to rest and review your workout routines and progress. A week or two for reflection of what you have done does wonders to your body transformation.

I know that many would disagree with me on this but I am a firm believer that the mental recondition is very important in body transformation works. Take this week off to review your goals and your mission statements to really knock down why you are doing this. Sometimes everyone needs a reminder before hitting the iron.

Circuit Training Time!

Just because you can't get the space to do your weight resistance does not mean that you can't maintain your intensity for your workouts! I've observed that gym crowds usually target the usual workout routines so to avoid this, go for a circuit training program for about 3 weeks! I'll do a bit of a write up on Circuit Training later on, which you guys can use as a guide for the next couple of weeks.

So to all the readers for this blog out there, we wish you a very awesome 2015 to come and for this blog, my new year's resolution is to have 3 posts in a week which is two during the weekdays and 1 in the weekends. So be sure to tune in for them!


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