Ask Teh Tarik Memoirs: Are Fruits a Threat to Your Diet?

For this segment of Ask Teh Tarik Memoirs, an anonymous reader ask this question not too long ago. While being on a diet, should we avoid fruits altogether or is it OK for us to consume as much fruits as possible because its fibrous and it does not effect your diet as much but rather help you lose weight?

[Fruits Galore!]

The reason why people usually ask this question is because that in a diet, and I have mentioned this numerous times in my blog posts, the one thing that you need to avoid at all cost is sugary foods and drinks. This is by far one of the biggest culprits of both obesity and health problems as people these days tend to take excessive amounts of sugar portions in their daily intake.

But what about fruits? Does the fructose act as a cheat to your sugary cravings?

the answer is : it depends...

Why I am saying this is because different types of fruits react differently to the body composition so there is no "one fit all answer" to this question. However there is a few golden rules that one can follow with fruits.
Firstly, understand that there are three types of sugar combinations in fruits which are fructose, glucose and sucrose. I would have to admit that despite the high level of sugar intake in these combinations, it is the "lesser of two evils" compared to off the table sugar syrup because of the high level of fibers in the component, which helps slows down the sugar absorption process in your bloodstream.

So for the first part, we here at Teh Tarik Memoirs STRONGLY suggest a good portion of fruits in your diet does help shed of those unwanted kilos of your waistline.


Remember to avoid these few aspects when it comes to fruits:

Keep your portions in moderation. As much as we would like to encourage people to have more fruits in their diet, engorging one self with a butt load of fruits does not help with your diet.

We here in Malaysia are blessed with copious amount of fruits made available to us almost anywhere we look but one must remember that this is where your self control needs to be in check.

DO NOT think sitting around in front of TV munching a kilo's worth of rambutan by yourself is alright because its just fruits and it doesn't affect your diet. I can guarantee you it does and you'd be wondering what happened to your diet after all that.

Avoid taking so called "fruit juices" or "concentrated fruit drinks" as its pretty much a bottle of concentrated sugar drinks. One thing I realized in the gym is that a lot would immediately try to get themselves a bottle of fruit juices to quench their thirst.

If you really need to get some fruit drinks, either get the one that are blended right in front of you (even bottled smoothies are jam packed with sugar) or better yet, blend yourself a good cup of fruit juice which you will at least be able to control what is put in your drink.

[Miss Ave T and Fay approves freshly plucked fruits!]

Go fresh or go home! That's the most important thing that one must remember with fruits. As I mentioned above, you do not want to get excessive sugar levels from your intake apart from what you are already getting from the fruits so try to get your fruits fresh and not the ones from a can.


Things like fruits chunks in heavy syrup and fruits ice cream / sorbet is something you might wanna try to avoid and can easily confused as a "healthy option for desserts". Nothing beats a freshly cut fruit so I would suggest for the sake of your diet is to maintain your fruit portions fresh and healthy!

So there you have it, I do hope that answers your question. We are looking out for more topics that you want to ask about on health and fitness so be sure to ask us anyway you want!


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