Keeping Your New Year's Resolution Alive: Enter 2015 Mission Statements

2015 is a couple of days away and as always, we would hear about how everyone would like to make a change. Everyone has come up with their new year's resolution. My bet is that almost every year it is the same thing.

"I want to get fit", "I wan't to lose weight", "I want to build muscle", "I wan't to lose 20kg". Yes, we've all had that haven't we?

Truth is, almost 25 percent give up before they even start, and more than a third don't make it past February 1. Yes, we've all seen how packed the gym is right after new year. Everyone is so pumped up to kill it in the gym. By the 2nd week half is already gone and by the end of January, you'll see the common faces again. Sometimes I tell my friends, this is the best time to go on holiday.

Let's change that. Here are some tips that will get you going throughout the whole of 2015 so you won't be one of those that only show up at the beginning of the year.

Set Realistic Goals

Seriously, there is a big difference between setting a goal and setting a realistic goal. Don't be too ambitious or you are going to end up in disappointment. Yes, I know you have a vision of how you want to be, but let's keep it realistic.

Saying "I want to run 42km in under 3 hours" when you have never clocked in 5km is very unlikely. Instead target to complete a half marathon or if you can push for it, complete a 42km but ignore the time. Similarly, aiming to be a champion bodybuilder when you've never lifted weights... seriously?

Keep your goals realistic. Seriously....

Sit down and think about what you want and how you are going to accomplish it. Set goals that you can measure and track throughout the year. I'm sure you'll be much more happy with the results.

Make Your Own Mission Statement

In line with setting realistic goals, I think this is a must for everyone. Go grab a pen and a paper, sit down somewhere and start writing down a few sentences on what your goals and objectives are for the year. Most importantly, keep the words simple and avoid words like "hope", "maybe" and "try". Instead, use words like "will" and "must"

Check out these two statements:

"I hope to lose 20kg and maybe enter a 42km race"
"I will lose 20kg and must enter a 42km race"

Which statement do you think sends a more powerful message?

Put these statements where you can see them so that whenever you start to feel lazy, you will be reminded why you started in the first place.

Enter a Competition, Contest or Event

If you set a goal in entering a contest, it will definitely drive you. It can be a bodybuilding contest, a muay Thai fight, a 10km running event or a marathon. When you set yourself a goal and a deadline, you will definitely work your bums off. If you think you're not up for the big events just yet, go for something smaller like a 5km run. Or you could gather your friends together and make your own "Biggest Loser" contest.

There are so many events here in Malaysia. Running Events are the most

Celebrate and Reward Yourself for Even Small Success

A lot of people give up on their resolutions within the first few weeks because they don't see the results they wanted. They get discouraged and abandon it altogether. Take a moment to stop and appreciate the small changes you've made. If you've never trained, and did so for one whole week, that is a success. Celebrate it.

Go have a good meal or enjoy a weekend getaway.

Set up milestones. If you are aiming to lose that 20kg, celebrate and reward yourself for every couple of kilos you lose. If you are aiming for that 120kg bench press, reward yourself for every 10kg increase.

You need to appreciate the small improvements.

Of course, when you finally nail that goal of yours, reward yourself with something even bigger.

Yes, Teh Tarik Drinker and I do know how to reward ourselves...

Stop Giving Excuses

"I don't have time"

I hate this the most. This is the most common excuse I hear when it comes to giving excuse for not working out. It annoys me every time someone uses this excuse. Really, this is the adult version of:

"the dog ate my homework"

Seriously, a one hour workout is only four percent of your day. Half an hour workout? That's two percent.

If you can sit in front of your TV for hours, why can't you dedicate some of that time working out? If you can sit at a mamak shop with your friends and chit-chatting for hours, why not do it in the gym while working out?

Sometimes I get annoyed looking at people playing with their phones in between sets, but when I think back, at least they are working out (even if it's not so effective).

At least he's doing legs....

Never Ever Quit

Duh. Like I said, a lot of people quit as early as the first week. Do you really want to be part of that statistics? There will be days when you will struggle. There will always be an aura of negativity around you. There will be obstacles. But whatever it is, just don't quit. That is why it is always important to reward yourself with even the smallest success.

The Gym Monkey's 2015 Mission Statement

With all that said, 2014  wasn't the best of year for me. I thought I could turn around the horrid 2013, but I made mistakes. I set my goals too high and and too unrealistic. I didn't celebrate the small success. I didn't have strong mission statements. I didn't run a 21km I entered because it was just too unrealistic for me to complete.

So this time I've set up new goals and mission statements. I've set milestones and set rewards for achieving them. It's a long list. If you think you can follow my 2015 mission statements, by all means use them. If you can do more, that's great. Keep it realistic though. If you think it's too much, reduce the numbers. Of course you can always create your own mission statements.


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