Healthy Food Hack Ideas!

I saw this while I was doing my daily goofing around on the net and for some reason, this information got my eye and I thought that it is something really worth a share.

Ever had those days that you are in the middle of your training or strict diets and the cravings just can't seem to let you go? See, a lot would say "go for a cheat day" and you would see the cravings melt away. But for one, I am actually against cheat days during training. Not because it doesn't work but unless you have someone closely monitoring your diet intake like the professionals, you would have the tendency to "break the cycle" of your diet.

With that in mind, do check out these hacks!

[Sorry for the long picture!]

I do apologize for the amount of supplement posts these past couple of days. Been seeing a lot of opportunities to write on nutrition and supplements which I think could be a great information for everyone!

There are some that actually even surprised me to be honest. I didn't even know that coconut drinks serve as a better replacement in comparison to a energy drink! I didn't even know tea can be a direct replacement to soda drinks!

The new things you learn on a daily basis...


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