Asian Daily Diet Ideas : no.1

As mentioned, one of the biggest problem we have about the fitness information on the net is the lack of information on daily diet ideas that one can have for us here in Asia. Many of a time we have some ideas but all are food made easily available in Europe or in the US but those are quite expensive here in our region.

So my idea is to compile as many ideas as possible for diet plans that would suit more to our daily lifestyle here in Asia!

Calorie intake: 2526 cals
Protein intake: 241 grams
Carbs intake: 303 grams
Fat intake: 56 grams

Breakfast: 3 boiled eggs + Cheese
Mid Morning: Variation of fruits (100grams) + Peanut Butter Sandwich
Lunch: Rice (medium serving) + Fried eggs + Fried Vege + Dhal
Before Workout: Protein Shake (single scoop) + 1 banana
Dinner: Chicken Breast + Baked Potato + Tuna in a Can (Water or Sunflower oil)
Supper: Protein Shake (single scoop)

[Example pictures of a large rice portion (left) and a medium rice portion (right) for rice dishes]

Most of the time I would rather take the heavier meal in the afternoon, as it gives the body time to burn of the extra calories before hitting the gym due to the daily activities of the day.

As per the picture shown above, you would want to take a portion of rice somewhere in between those shown in the picture to get the rough estimate of the intake given above.

Personally I would think that this would be more suitable for those who are in the cutting period (trying to reduce weight) due to the relatively low calorie intake. I managed to work around the period for you to include in two sessions of protein shakes in the mix, so that it won't be too much burden on your budget!

So what do you guys think?


  1. Thanks Bro

    Definitely gonna try the menu!

    1. Do try and tengok ok tak! Ni pun tengah nak experimenting on a few things, especially office hours lunch time food!