The Rave on HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

I believe I am addressing one of the most difficult portion of training to a lot of people, especially men. Reason is that we have gone so used to pushing hard on iron, the total idea of doing cardio is absolutely boring as hell and the results only come later in the portion of the training (if lucky).

But someone brought to my attention the other day, that the method of me doing cardio so far is not really effective for two reasons. One being that within the 20th minute of me doing my long distance running, my heart rate would have gotten used to the stress and not push that much anymore (if I am running on a constant pace on a treadmill) and second, training like this would more likely burn more muscle and fat which is  shame if I am building.

So what is the solution? Sure as hell we can't skip cardio!

As the name goes, HIIT is basically a multi level interval training that relies on explosive workouts that doesn't allow the body to adjust itself to the training level that you are doing, therefore keeping the heart rate at a maximum level at all times.

Its not exactly something new, in fact HIIT training is a method that many have used for various type of training. Sport athletes, runners, and gym goers alike use this technique to ensure maximum results from your training.

So as a runner myself, I decided to give it a go and see the results for you lot!

[Tennis Court of Doom!]

So the idea is that I was to do my HIIT training during my off days from training (which is about 3 times a week) and would make use of the tennis court at my apartment.

[Points of target at the tennis court]

So the basic idea is for me to go on a full, 100% sprint to during the whole duration of this training (don't cheat because you would only be cheating yourself!). From the starting point of the tennis court, I am to run as follows:

1. Starting point to point 1 and then back to starting point.
2. Starting point to point 2 and then back to starting point
3. Starting point to point 3 and then back to starting point
4. Starting point to point 4 and then back to starting point
5. Note that after each set, rest for ONLY ONE MINUTE before going back to it again!

Finishing the rounds above, that would constitute to 1 set of the training. The target is to get 5 - 10 sets per session, to which I will explain further below.

[Ensure that every time, drop down and actually touch the lines before sprinting off!]

[Doesn't necessarily have to be a tennis court, even your local badminton, basketball or even just behind your yard would do. So long as you have something to mark you points!]

So one big question that people ask, how is it that we ensure that we don't get lazy and not improve our sets. As of now, I have just started myself in a 12 week training program and the target here is to improve myself to be able to reach 10 sets per session. So I plan to increase a single set every 2 weeks which means by the end of my training program, I should be running at a 10 set training session each time!

Otherwise if you have someone to train with, do it together side by side and race each other to finish the sets. Last to finish buys the drinks after training!

[Flippin exhausted!]

As you can see, after a short 5 set session, I was so exhausted and my legs went completely jelly. In comparison between the using HIIT training and my normal long distance cardio, it does feel that my body is tortured more, especially in the legs due to the explosive nature of the training which is something that I am not used to.

So, this is something that I am going to try out for the next 12 weeks and I will be more than happy to write the report on the results of the training by the end of it.

If there is anyone out there that has any thoughts on HIIT please do share on the comment below!


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