A New Look, A New Feel

It has been months since the last update was done in this website and I do put the blame entirely on my schedules recently on the lack of updates that has been done on this website. Truthfully, even the direction of this website was a little loopy and was rather unsustainable to begin with, considering that the original plan of this website was no longer applicable to blogging in this day and age.

So, I am pleased to announce that Tehtarikmemoirs.com is now fitted with a new look and a completely new feel to the website!

[Introducing the new look!]

With this new look, I have opted to go for a cleaner and more responsive look to the website, which now features a lot more areas that readers could check out in the website, complete with its very own search engine to make reading the website a lot easier compared to before.

One of the biggest change that I have made with the website is the content of the website. For those who have been following this website know that I write more on general topics that goes on in the blogosphere, which was a little bit to vague.

This time around, I am putting more focus on blogging on fitness and sports, which I think is a topic that would be more relevant considering that Malaysian are now rated as the fattest country in ASEAN to date. I spoke to the rest of Team Teh Tarik and we feel that there is a lot of things that we could contribute to change that.

Of course, there will still be a few post other than fitness that will feature in this website (in the "Personal" category of this website but primarily, the writings on this blog will focus more on fitness postings.

So in general, a few changes on the blog will include:

1. A more responsive design and website browsing altogether.

2. More frequent postings on fitness which would include posts on workout tips, diet and nutrition, personal styles for men, motivation posts and more.

3. Daily tips on fitness, which will include (hopefully) quick tips that you can use for a more fitter lifestyle.

4. New co-contributors to the website so there will be more posts not only from myself! (check out the authors page!)

5. A contact page, which would include details on how to contact either myself or the rest of the team. Also, I have included a feedback form which would give another option for readers to connect to us.

I believe that this is a new dawn for the website and I am personally looking forward to developing this website more to this flow of the website. To everyone that has been following and supporting this website, I truly do thank you guys for it and would wish to seeing more with you guys in the future.

Please do tell us what you think of the new design. Looking forward to a new chapter with this!