2014: Revitalizing An Old Friend

It been more than 4 months since I last dusted the cobwebs in the old blog, and for a valid reason which you would see at the end of this post.

As we usher a new year into the midst, I kinda had to stop and ponder on what happened in the last year. Comparing to my reflections of the previous year (like in 2013, 2012 and 2011 respectively) things were a little different this year because this was the year I had to make big decisions to let go some of my other interest for a bigger priority.

First and foremost, I would have to apologize to the loyal readers of MoaTTD that the posts here has been close to non-existent and I take full responsibilities to that. Nevetheless, things are going to change here a little bit as I am planning to revamp the entire site once again to a more niche blogging site. Watch the space...

Secondly, it would be a shame for me to admit this but I have to say that my resolution this year would be to continue on the resolutions that I made last year. As mentioned above, so many things have been happening in the past year that hindered me from achieving as much as I could in the previous years. But in retrospect, I did accomplish THREE main ones which is a proud moment for me and for something that I would love share with you guys.

So from the list last year, 2014 what I aim to do is to:

1. Get my ass back to running again and get my first full marathon done!

2. Revamp the site to something more niche in the works!

3. Create something new for the new year! (dunno what it is yet but i feel there is a need for something new in my life)

4. Get back to training!

So I mentioned earlier that there are a few milestones that I managed to get done in the year 2013  which I am damn proud to share!

Travel to a new place that I have Never been Before!

 This would be another check on my to-do list. Last year was the year I made the memorable trip to the Caribbeans (Belize), many thanks to the good people in Nuffnang for that. I would have to say, that was one hell of a trip that I would remember for life!

[it was un"belize"able!]

Own My Very Own Pad

After years of saving and working out the fine details that I needed to make this dream happen, I actually took the plunge and got myself a new home to live in! The purchase was a huge chunk taken out of my wallet (almost all!) but it was worth every penny.

At 30, I am now a proud owner of my very own home!

[My chance of making my very own man cave!]

and of course, the very highlight of my 2013...

 in front of all the people that cared so much to come and share the moment with me...

I got hitched to the girl of my dreams! :D

will blog more about that!

Til then, may 2014 be a blessed year for all of you guys!


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