Singapore Toys Games and Comic Convention 2013

Well, its been a very busy week last week and partly because of us me looking forward to another trip down to our neighbors in the south. Reason for my travels this time? The Singapore Toys, Games and Comic Convention 2013 (also know as the STGCC)!

[Lets get our geek on!]

For most of you guys who do not know about this event, the STGCC is the closest thing we have to the ever famous Comic Con here in Asia, simply because the entire event itself is done in collaboration with the New York Comic Con. Each year, the convention will gather some of the best animators, gamers, collectors and of course, cosplayers in the region to come around and show off what they got. In another words, this entire weekend is a collaboration of geeks and nerds in a frenzy of cosplay and awesome toys being showcased in one exhibition hall.

To be honest with you I did not know about this event until I was told to come along with fellow TeamTehTarik member Cereal Cheryl to come along with her for the event. Being a semi-avid costume fan and also an absolute nutter for anything on comics or video games, there was very little chance for me to pass this opportunity along. 

WARNING: There is going to be a butt load of pics so get ready!

[layout of the convention and entrance!]

So we decided to only stay in Singapore for one night and made our way down to Singapore bright and early in the morning. Once we checked in to our hostel at about 8 am, we then decided to negotiate the vast connection of the Singapore MRT all the way to the Marina Bay Sands where the event was held. 

Piece of advise for ppl traveling and using the MRT to move about in Singapore, I would definitely suggest you guys to take the unlimited travel pass which I paid for SGD16 for two whole days. Really worth it...

Upon our entry (the SGTCC tickets were SGD19 for a day pass and SGD24 for a two day pass), we were greeted by a HUGE collection of comics and toys wondering about in the hall. As you can see from the picture, there is a huge presence of Marvel in this convention for one reason.

The theme for this years comic con was to celebrate more on Iron Man related merchandise which means we were going to be treated with A LOT of Iron Man gizmos and gadgets displayed here in this convention with also a lot of the other Marvel based characters in tow.

[Life sized statues of the Iron Man suits and us posing with the Mark 47]
[A few iconic scenes from the other Marvel movies were also showcased on a 1:16 model frame!]

As we were walking around the convention, we realized there was a lot of buzz in regards of the scale models that were showcased here. Apparently they have done an amazing jobs recreating Iron Man scenes or displays which I thought was jaw droppingly good.

[Recreating the scene where Tony tests the Mark 47]

[Final fight scene in Iron Man 3]

[Full collection of all the Iron Man suits in the movie]

But then again, I regress back to my actual intention of coming here in the first place. Of course the toys are huge fun to watch but I came in here to check out the cosplay abilities of these people and by golly I am! So as my hunt continues, I decided to pull the group together and get the silly pictures going!

[Taking on Iron Man]

[With my favorite character of all time!]

[Slenderman decided to just chill here and scare the living bananas out of people!]

[Tried to lift Mjolnir but couldn't. Alas I am but a mere mortal]

[Had a moment with Super Girl!]

[Iron Man performing the Maori SideStep and I acted accordingly]

[Had a quick photo with all of the Iron Man Dancers...]

[even managed to get one for a photo with me. Yay!]

But the entire day was not just about Iron Man. They had other people cosplaying there as well! One of the biggest excitement for me was seeing people cosplaying in Star Wars. For those who know me well, I am a huge fan of Star Wars and to see people really putting an effort on those characters really got me hyped up!

And so I jumped at every opportunity to take pictures with Star Wars cosplayers there!

[Amazing details on their representation of the Battle of Endor]

[So many Storm Troopers and Bounty Hunters, it was friggin awesome!]

[These two were dressed in Sith Warrior costume and their pose was fantastic!]
 [This R2D2 was actually moving around via remote control and was making all of the R2D2 sounds like in the movies!]

[We took a Vadering picture as well. We were the first one to do it and everyone else started to follow soon after. Trend setters FTW!]

We then took a break for lunch and had a quick one (which was expensive as hell...). Afterwards, we came back to the con and found out there is a holding room next to the exhibition hall where all the cosplayers came to chill and kept their stuff. Perfect for cosplay hunting!

[Had a picture with a girl who modified her own Ezio costume from AC2]

[Huge cast of characters from the King of Fighter game!]

[Really daring costume of Mai Shiranui. Everyone wanted a picture of her. I wonder why...]

I'm sure a lot of you guys must be asking, why is there no pictures of anime cosplayers around in the con. Reason behind that is because I try to avoid taking pictures with anime cosplayers for a few various reasons. Firstly I am not exactly a fan of anime. Second, its too common to see people using anime cosplay which I feel limits the creativity a little bit. Thirdly, I can't even tell whether its a girl or a guy dressing up in a dress which is kinda disturbing. Finally, I was looking out more for video game cosplayers whose costume is much harder to come up with, in my opinion.

However there are a few that really caught my attention!

[Superb weapon making in this costume]

[Honorable mentions for other anime cosplayers!]

As we stepped outside, more and more cosplayers started to turn up in comparison to the morning session, which kinda gave us the opportunity to walk around some more before going back in the expo.

 [A few characters from Final Fantasy. Unfortunately no Rikku...]

[Another Ezio costume and this time, even more details on his costume!]

[A guy walking around in the Mark 1 armor]

[By far the most amazing cosplayers in the con. Both were posing the entire time and both were in character the entire time!]

[This little girl even made her own version of the Iron Man armor, complete with heart stickers!]

[Could not resist a photo op with her!]

Once we were done outside, we then came back to the con to check out some of the merchandise we could buy there. If you guys are thinking of getting some stuff as memorabilia during the event, this is the place to go. From posters, key chains, T-Shirts, comics and models were all on sale during the event so it was quite awesome to just walk around and shop there.
Once we were done, we continued on with our cosplay hunting!

 [More life sized Iron Man figures on display which was awesome]

[Two cosplayers who were actually in a Iron Man costume worth mentioning! Kudos!]

[I think Tony Stark needed some advise from me about the ladies...]

The great thing about the event itself is that the entire floor was actually divided into two areas, one being where all the exhibition is and the other being an area where there is a lot of open space and people we just walking around taking pictures with as many costumes as possible. 

[Cereal Cheryl even had an opportunity to take pictures with the Line characters!]

 [even the teacup has a face on it!]

[There were a lot of soldier cosplayers in the, assumingly either from Call of Duty or Battlefield series]

[Seriously bad ass picture with the guys of Battlefield]

[took pictures with Clark Kent, who was previously dressed in the Mark 1! Absolutely fantastic personality in this guy and by far the most fun to take pictures with!]

[I requested for a picture with this group of awesome Hobbit cosplayers while no one was taking a picture with them. They obliged and asked me to pose and the minute I did, no less than 20 cameras starting hovering around us!]

That pretty much took the entire day for us to finish and by the end of it, we were pooped and went back to our hostel. The next day, we decided to take some time off to wander around the Marina Bay Sands area and take some pictures. However, afterwards we thought that we swing by the con again to take more pictures of cosplayers from the outside, since we only took the 1 day pass.

[Me nomming on some delish durian ice cream wafer on a hot day. There goes my diet for the day...]

[Majestic looking uncle with his Avenger dogs]

[Check out the detail in the armor!]

[with Kick Ass and Hit Girl!]

[Another daring attempt on an classic Wonder Woman outfit. A lot of people wanted a picture with her. I wonder why...]

[With Daenerys from the Game of Thrones]

 [While we were about to leave, we saw this two walking around asking for ID and asking whether they saw the droids they are looking for. Haha!]

And so, that concludes my adventures for STGCC 2013 and honestly I had an absolute blast. There were however some dissapointments on my side, as I was expecting more cosplayers of games and comics rather than anime (they have anime con for that) which I hope would happen next year.

So some things to ponder for comic cons like this:
  • Get the two day pass. Since that the first day is awesome, usually the second day would have more cosplayers because the cosplay competition is on the second day
  • Always know where the food court is. Extremely important especially when you know the food there is going to be expensive
  • If you are not cosplaying, wear something super comfy because its going to get rough in there
  • Sport shoes is a must to endure walkig around in the next 8 hours per day
  • Please be creative with the poses. They already have a statue there...
Will I be coming back for Comic Con? As a consensus, the entire TeamTehTarik are keen to come back next year, only this time WE ARE GOING BACK IN COSTUME!

Do check out my Facebook page for the full pictures of the event!


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