#Twinsters : A Real Life Fairytale of Two Long Lost Twins

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> Sometimes when we grow old, we kinda stop believing in miraculous things in our lives, for whatever reason. I have to admit that I too am guilty of this as well. But recently I came across a story of two ladies which blew my mind.

A real "Parent Trap" story.

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I picked up this story while I was reading my usual reads in The Sun UK (an old habit of mine when I was still studying in UK) and came across this story. Two girls, one living in America and the other living in London realized after watching a few videos on Youtube that they looked exactly alike. Thinking that it was a typical "doppelganger" situation, things got freaky when they found out that they were both born on the same date and same place before they were sent for adoption.

Samathan Futerman is actually an aspiring actress, known for making appearances in Memoirs of a Geisha and the upcoming "21 and Above" movies, lives in America and is known also for making appearance in Youtube star Kev Jumba's videos every now and then. 

Previously she has made a few videos on her own Youtube channels and has a considerable amount of following both on her Twitter account and Youtube account.


Anaïs Bordier is a fashion student originally from France but currently residing in London who is your average uni student with a considerably average uni life and a huge obsession with cheese.

This is where it gets interesting...

While watching a few trailers online, a few of Anais' friends caught a glimpse of Samantha in an clip trailer of the upcoming movie "21 and Above" and were amazed on how she looks EXACTLY like Anais. Instantly they took the opportunity to show it to her and even she could not belief how identical they look. So she decided to do a bit of research on Samantha and found something interesting.

Both girls were born on the same date in South Korea. Both girls were obsessed with the same food. And most importantly, both girls were adopted by two different families as a child.

[The original message from Anais to Sam]

Immediately after knowing this news, Anais decided to contact Sam through Facebook and told her what she found and decided to ask her contact her and check out her own Facebook to see the pictures. Sam quickly obliged and was equally amazed and shocked to see Anais. 

Upon finding this out, both girls then decided to get connected and also decided that they needed to find out the lingering possibility, whether or not they can actually be two long lost sisters.

[Sam's Instagram post of her own findings!]

So they decided to raise some funds in hope that they would be able to finally meet and take a DNA test to find out whether they are actually sisters. In order to do so, they have decided to actually film the entire thing and document their experiences through the whole journey. 

So they decided to start a Kickstarter account to raise money for the project (click on the image to find out more) and have so far raised far more than they expected to raise to actually make this happen. They pretty much got everyone that is backing them up to be involved with this project and are going to update and document their findings online!

Personally I feel that its amazing that you can still have stories like this in a world filled with heartbreaking stories everywhere. Its the kind of story that you would expect to read from story books and unbelievably enough, you see this kind of stories happening in real life here. 

I for one would be glued to see the updates from this and would love to see what happens to them later on. Honestly its not always you can see a story like this pop out and have a possibly great outcome out of all of this and I would urge everyone out there to actually follow this story because sometimes you need to hear amazing stories like this to make yourself believe that the world is not just a dark and gloomy place all the time.

Looking forward to finding out the conclusion of this story!
I will definitely put the updates here!

Also do show them some love and support guys!


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