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<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> Its been a while since I last watched a movie that was seriously "mind challenging" for me, where I would have to sit and concentrate really hard to make sure I don't miss out anything within the plot. Previously I had that feeling with "Inception" and even "Minority Report", where at the end who cannot help but scream "AWWW HELLL NAH!" when you realized what the plot was going to.

This is one of those movies

Once again many thanks to the great people at Nuffnang for the movie op and boy it is a good one.If you are those who love a good plot in a movie, complete with surprises that you would not expect then this movie is seriously the one for you. 

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Set in the near future, the sheer brilliance of how the story started and how it escalated to the end was fantastic. Just like the previous movies I was really impressed with the way how the story line moves from one point to another and most importantly, stops people from trying to guess where the story would go by switching the plot to another direction. Brilliant. 

The plot follows in the near future of 2017 where the world is attacked by an invasion of aliens that were looking to invade the planet and its resources. For 60 years, the war was then won by man but left the planet as a barren wasteland as a result of the use of nuclear weapons. The story then followed Jack Harper and Victoria Olsen, a maintenance crew that handles the main security drones while they take whatever resources they have left on Earth to move to a new planet, Titan while under the watchful eyes of the control tower Tet. However one routine check up later, Jack found some things that was not right and suspiciously changes what they actually know about the war 60 years ago. Worse still, what they are actually facing as their enemy...

As usual, my review for the movie are as follows!

Would I watch it again? : A big yes on this one. The sheer brilliance on the plot seriously kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. And of course I was annoying Miss Ave T the entire time by making repeated remarks on possible "past Tom Cruise movies" references. :D

Movie or DVD worthy? : Hit the movies for this one, seriously. Unless you are too ashamed to scream "OH NO HE DIDN'T!" out loud in the movie theater. I had no problems doing that.

Plot : It is extremely rare for you to have a plot this good. From start to finish you are treated with continuous surprises even though you think you already have the entire plot figured out. I have to be honest that there were times it was a little draggy (the love scenes were slightly irritating) but other than that it was brilliant.

Star Power :  Big names in this one, with both Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman playing a major role for the flick. Big shout out to Olga Kurylenko (famous from James Bond) who I though made a great performance portraying a completely "human" emotions of a person who basically has lost everything and didn't know where the hell she is.

Teh Tarik Rating : I'll give this one a big 9 out of 10! A definite must watch!

I believe I cannot stress this enough, this movie is SERIOUSLY A GOOD MOVIE and I actually had so much fun watching it. This is because as a generally known geek, I did have so many expectation for a futuristic sci fi movie starring Tom Cruise and it really did reach the hype of the movie. One this is certain though, there will be so many that would be asking so many questions at the end of the movie....
Do post some here, I would to discuss them with you! :D


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