[ADV] WeChat Media Launch

The one thing that I realized in this day and age of telecommunication, there has been countless ways of people talking via their mobile phones, it can sometimes be quite confusing for a novice smartphone user like myself. Today we have applications on phones that specifically does a task. You got an apps that chats with other people, you have apps that makes free phone calls to other users and even apps that are used to send in files or pictures to other people. Its hard sometimes to keep up with all these apps...

But what if there is an application that can do it all?
 Introducing : WeChat!

Over the weekend, I was given the opportunity to check out the launching of a new app that is set to sweep the nation. I was told this app has THE MOST FUNCTIONS UNDER ONE APP for smartphone users so far which I found supremely impressive.

[Long queue at the entrace of Neverland KL]
So as I made my way to the event at Neverland KL, I did have to go through a long queue in front of the club while waiting outside in the rain. My luck with events and weather sometimes do baffle me...

While waiting, I did get to meet a lot of familiar faces walking in and out of the club and said my hellos. By then I could see a lot of people were excitedly checking out the features with this app and were busy snapping away with their cameras. As I made my way in the club, I too had to check out what the hype was all about this app.

[Banners at the event!]

I found out that the impressive line of features it has in the application and they were literally demonstrating the app on site itself. 

What the program actually does it not only allow its user to "type chat" with one another but have an integrated system which allows a variety of ways for a person to use the app to connect with their users. Some of the features that differentiates itself with other applications are:

Video Call - Users can use this function to talk, both video and/or audio conversations with their friends via the application. In other words, free online phone calls!

Moments - If the user wants to share a picture with their friends in the app, this is where they would be able to upload the pictures they want.

Push-to-Talk Voice Chat - a step up to the video call, the "push to talk" function allows the users to talk without dialing for the other person. Use the phone just like a walkie talkie!

Emoticons - while most apps are limited to a set number of emoticons that people can use, WeChat actually allows users to create their own emoticons and include them into their conversation. And yes, it actually does include animated GIF emoticons...

Group Chat - as I mentioned above, WeChat are not limited to just a "one on one" communication. Users are allowed to create their very own chat groups among their friends and talk. I have to admit the interface looks pretty snazzy too!

Drift  Bottle - This one is by far the coolest of them all. What this does is that you can leave "bottled" messages which can be picked up by people within your network!

  [Inside the WeChat Party!]

To demonstrate the stability of the system, the organizers urged all of us attending to join in the WeChat group chat that night, which was later projected on the main screen behind the stage area. That way everyone would be able to see what you actually say that night and also, they have organized a few competitions which requires you to be on the group chat and answer the questions from there!

[Some of the energetic performances that was done during that night!]

[the emcee for the night, Rudy, talking to an extremely leggy contestant on stage!]

All in all the night itself went well, despite the weather not really holding up for the rest of us at the start of the event. Quite frankly I actually did enjoy myself out there and am now especially curious to see whether WeChat is going to be a big hit here among the smartphone users of today in Malaysia. Honestly, I am predicting that it will...


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