[ADV] Iron Man 3 : My Way

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> I believe the buzz that is going around in movie town is the upcoming movie and quite easily one of the most anticipated sequel of the year. I think there is little doubt that most people would be more interested to know more about the armor that Tony Stark will be using especially after the little sneak peak that we have seen with a lot of the different version of the armor being showcased in the trailer.

[That scene that made us fanboys squeal....]

So the question is, what would my ideal Iron Man suit look like?

The good people of Nuffnang did pose this question to all of us and I have to admit, it is not the first time I actually gave this topic a thought. There are a few things that I would have considered to include in my ideas particularly:

1) Lightweight and Easy to Wear - the one thing I would imagine to improve would be the sheer bulk of the suit itself. Making it light (to the point of it like being a second skin) to the user's body would make it much more flexible to use and in the heat and weather in Malaysia, come at least the user would not suffer from a heat stroke!

2) Far more menacing looking helmet - While the iconic helmet is awesome, I believe that it needs a far more menacing looking helmet which would scare the living bananas off  people on first instance. Of course that would also include all the technology that would be part of the suit itself.

3) Enhanced Super Strength Suit - one of my dream technology to be included in the Iron Man suit is the fact that every movement that you make is enhanced by the suit to make your actions near super human. Which means your movement becomes faster, your punches become heavier, your reactions become quicker and everything else in your arsenal. That way, weapons become secondary to the suit and its only left with a good old fashion clobbering!

So, with these description in mind, I would love to actually have the suit to replicate my descriptions above. Unfortunately I do have one but if the suit above can be a reality, it would look something like this...

[The menacing helmet and the iconic Iron Man chestplate!]


[Introducing the Iron Man : Mark T3h!]

I decided not to change the red and gold color of the suit because people would already recognize IronMan in that color and also the actual design of the suit. My major change would be the helmet, which is of course derived from my original T.E.H Suit to fight zombies! Pretty cool no?

[Side view of the armor]

As mentioned above, the idea for the suit is to be so lightweight that it would act like a second skin to maximize the movement of wearer while retaining the strength of the armor. In a situation where you would have to fight baddies everywhere in different locations, the last thing you would want is to get stuck in a situation where your movement is limited because of the bulk of the armor!

So basically this would be what I imagine would be a glimpse of ideas I would incorporate to the Iron Man armor, despite the rather crude portrayal of it (very limited resources guys...). But one thing for certain though, rumor has it that there would be so much more ideas that will be included in the new Iron Man 3 movie, including my all time fav which is the Hulkbuster Armor!

Can't wait for the movie folks! :D


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