Teh Tarik Reviews: G.I. Joe Retaliation

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> Sometimes when you have a childhood memory of a series or cartoon that you use to watch when you were growing up or a toy series that you used to play with, its kinda hard for one to just simply change the perception that you have made for that series.

Which is the reason why when G.I. Joe decided to make a new sequel to their previous installment, I did have a preconceived expectation of what the movie should look like even before watching the movie. So, many thanks once again to the good people of Nuffnang Malaysia for an opportunity to watch this movie and see whether or not the movie actually reached the hype that I would expect from it!


Following their sequel from the last time, G.I Joe Retaliation follows closely the story continuing from their last adventure against the Cobra Commander with a much bigger threat at stake. Expect this movie to be your usual "slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am" action flick with A LOT OF explosions, guns, car chases and epic fight scenes. Your exact recipe for a classic action movie.

I suppose the biggest elephant in the room would be the inclusion of super large and scary Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the cast, who I assume is having a great year this year with the number of movies that he is in, all of which has somehow a lot of explosions in it. I wonder why...

The plot follows after the Nanomites War, the GI Joe were established as the backbone of the USA's military special forces unit to combat terrorism and has grown from their previous unit. New members are now recruited under the lead of Conrad "Duke" Hauser making the Joes more formidable then ever. However little did they know with the imposter USA President in the helm, their were ordered to be annihilated with extreme prejudice under the command of the now released Cobra Commander. With only a few of them left, they returned to find out who betrayed them with a couple of unlikely alliances and revealing a nuclear plot that threatens the world in existence.

As usual, my review for the movie are as follows!
Would I watch it again? : NO, I was rather disappointed with the development of the story to be honest. Apart from the excellent action sequences that was played, there was no actual continuation from the previous movie and to make matters worse, they pretty much killed off all the characters from the previous one. No idea why...

Movie or DVD worthy? : Just wait for the DVD to be honest. Nothing special to go to the movies for this one.

Plot : Extremely predictable and quite frankly was not developed well enough for my liking. They seemed to rely too much on the star power (read below) of the movie and not on the story line. Being a sequel, there was not much that people would be able to relate to the previous one. Even more, the number of inconsistencies in this sequel to the previous one was rather unbearable.

Star Power :  The only saving grace to this movie. It is always awesome to watch The Rock blow stuff up in the movies. Its even more awesome to watch him do it with the original movie bad ass of the 90's Bruce Willis. Also Adrianne Palicki (Lady Jaye) is a joy to watch, and I am not even saying that from the guy's perspective. Rawr...

Teh Tarik Rating : I'll give this one a measly 4 out of 10. Very disappointed to be honest...

[Favorite scene by many male viewers that night. :D]

[I wonder if baldness relates to the level of "badassness" of a person...]

So in a nutshell, it was a slightly disappointing outing to be honest and I was expecting a little bit more from the movie especially being a fan of G.I. Joe for so many year. I believe that many would actually share the same view as mine and to be frank, there were scenes that I thought would perk up the movie but afterwards was never really developed. Still, there is still a lot to enjoy for all the action flick fans out there and for one, I thought the conversations in the movie was hilarious.

Hope you enjoy the review and do share your views on this movie as well!


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