Nuffnang's 6th Birthday Partay!

Apologies on the late scheduled post for the week but it is rather hard to blog on things while travelling around, which also explains the un"watermark"ed photos for this post. Nevertheless, the show must go on and fortunately, this post is a fun one!

[Partay time with the Nuffies!]

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Last weekend was a huge weekend for most bloggers here in Malaysia, particularly those that has been with the great people of Nuffnang for the longest time because this year they decided to throw in a celebration for their 6th anniversary bash! Joy!

Last year, I was not able to join in the party because of my traveling schedule so this year I was determined to make it for the party and enjoy the fun like last year! So after a lucky break with their contest to win tickets, I scored myself a spot with my partner for life Miss Ave T to go to the party.

But there is a twist...

We were asked to come with matching color clothing,  headphones and accessories for the party which was kinda vague to be honest. Then again I do have a reputation of coming up with the craziest things for Nuff parties (as highlighted by Fresh on Twitter) despite me turning the big "three-oh" this year.

So, with the usual dismay of Ave, I came with this! :D

[Captain Obvious and his Goofy hat!]

Since the last time I bought the Goofy hat in Japan I never had the chance to actually use it anywhere so I figured that perhaps this would be a great opportunity to stand out in the crowd and in the same time have a place to put the headphones when I am not using it. 

On top of that, I also took the chance to wear my Captain Obvious t-shirt (which was yellow!) and basically going around annoying the crap out of people by pointing out the obvious (just doing my job people...).

[Hosts were Kevin and Isabelle from TraxxFM!]

As we came into Lust that night for the party relatively early, we took the opportunity to grab a few drinks and talked to bloggers which I have to admit that I haven't seen for a while for now. The A-listers of blogging were all there and it was also great to see new faces in the Nuffnang blogging community also attending the event itself.

We grabbed our goodie bags (which was awesomely full btw) and proceeded to get ourselves some food and drinks while the event started!

[Party confetti at the Party!]
[photo courtesy of Caroline!]

Despite my attempts, it was unfortunate that my camera decided to give me problems half way through the night which explains the lack of pictures here. That night, it was more of a catch up session with so many awesome people for me and Ave. We basically spent the entire night taking pictures with new people and talking about everything under the sun, to the point we even missed the main performance that night!

[Ave and Audrey. Loving the bun hair!]

[Catching up with the awesome Ernest! Even had the chance to meet two of the bros!]

[Met the awesome Crystal who was a huge fun to talk to!]

So as the night waned by, we all had our fun with great music being played by the DJ (some of which was actually chosen by us prior to the party!), great food and games which came with awesome prizes as well. Unfortunately we had to leave the place early because of some other engagement we had later that night but with the amount of things that was talked with that night, I seriously had so much fun just catching up with so many people that night.

In the end, it was another great event night with the great people in Nuffnang. After 6 years, its amazing that they have managed to maintain the level of awesomeness that we have experienced as bloggers. If anything, this would only prove that the best are yet to come from them.

Happy 6th Birthday Stickman. Here's looking out for more great years ahead!


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