TeratakArmo@Jejai : Gone Too Soon

After a long absence from blogging, this was not the re-start that I was expecting to write in this blog. I was told of a extremely sad news earlier today, of a news that I believe would effect many people especially within the Malaysian Nuffnang community...

Earlier yesterday, avid blogger and Nuffnang hard supporter extraordinaire passed away peacefully due to sickness...

photo courtesy of shahrulhairy.com

Never a timid person in life, I remembered the first time I met Jai was when I first broke out in the blogging scene. I was still new at that time and Jai was part of a group of popular Malay bloggers and everyone knew who he was. He came around and said hello and from there on we continued to exchange stories and similarities.

I remembered I was so jittery that time and I thank god there was at least someone to say hello to and talk, especially as a newbie in events like this.

Over the next couple of years, I remembered that at almost every Nuffnang event I would attend, he was there to say hello and was kinda awesome because you would know there will always be a friendly face and a person to chat with in these events as long as Jai was around. 

and boy he was not shy to come out dressed as well! 

 During our outing in the DIGI Blackberry event

During the DIGI Live Music event

Together at the Nuffnang Polo test drive!

Dressed to kill at the Astro Hollywood night! :D

our last event together at the Astro On-the-GO event.

The thing is, I honestly believe that it was not just me that had the privilege to know him but there was so many people among the Nuffnang community that got the same opportunity to hang out with the man himself and had a great time as well. One thing is for sure, with his passing , there will be a lot that would remember him nothing less than a great person to be with, especially during Nuffnang events.

I'd remember Jai as a great friend in the blogsphere, always been a supporter of my blog since day one (even with my entries in competitions, he was one of the first to show support) and never a dull person to be around with. 

My absolute condolences to all his family members that he has left behind, for he is now in His grace. I pray that he would forever be placed with those that are cherished by Him.


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