Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash : My Very Own Playlist

Last year, I had to miss out on the fun that they had during Nuffnang's 5th Birthday celebration because I had to travel to Europe for work. Was unfortunate because from the blog posts that people were posting, it sure looked like one hell of a party they had.

This year, I am determined as hell to be at their birthday celebration!

[Happy Birthday Stickman!]

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And for this time around, the good people in Nuffnang have already added a twist to the party, which is that we as the guest can actually decide what the music that will be playing on that night! Which is absolutely great news because not only would the party be blazing songs that would be ABSOLUTELY different that the ones that we are accustomed to, I would actually get to party to songs that haven't been played for the longest time in a party!

let me explain...

It is a known fact that I am a little "old school" with my taste of music especially with the songs that I party to. Reasoning behind it is that I would love to be in a party where the music played is something that you actually need to know how to dance to and also, have music that you can actually dance with someone without smacking the person in the face by accident.

It is unfortunate that the music you have today don't actually have that kind of "mojo" anymore. Mostly are just sounds that can only be accommodated with dance moves that mimic either someone trying to stomp a fire out or has a bee in his shirt and is trying to get it out.

Hence to revisit the best of the old school, I give you...

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Some of the best songs in the past that I used to jam to in clubs which I would LOVE to see played during the party and see if there are those that would be able to attempt to dance to these in public. 

[What to expect from my songlist mix! :D]

I know I've made myself look SUPER old putting this playlist up as my selection but hey, you know what they always say?

U guys catch my drift... :)

I'm so looking forward for the birthday bash! I seriously do hope I get invites for this!