World's Most Epic Bitch Slap

I am aware that I have been MIA for quite while from the blog, with a perfectly good excuse. After 10 long years of service, some parts of my computer finally gave way and was effected very badly from a virus attack which kinda wiped out my entire administration drive on my computer and in the same time, burnt out my main internal hard drive completely.

This was not much of a problem for me, following expert advise from Stormy Zaaba to back up everything I have to an external way before kinda saved me the hassle of trying to dig data out of my previous hard drive. So after installing a 1TB hard drive and installing the new Windows 8 platform (which I find super cool), I am still in the midst of installing all the necessary programs I need to work my daily routines including Photoshop, Dreamweaver and such. So please do bear with me with the updates on this blog....

In the mean time I found this...

 I am not exactly a fan of Bollywood movies but a friend of mine, Evan, told me about this one scene in the movie Singham that everyone he knew couldn't stop watching. He gave me the clip and seriously I haven't stop laughing since. 

It's this...

If this was not the most epic "police-bad-guy" chase scene that you have ever scene, then you have no taste in movies what so ever.

Forget the bad ass police car chase scene with guns and explosions.

Forget the long chase through neighborhood houses and backyard jumpings .

Forget even the detailed PIT maneuver you see in police chase.

This one just comes running next to you. Looks you in the eye. Don't even bother stopping you with handcuffs or shouting the Miranda Rights at you.

All it takes its the world's most EPIC bitch slap you have ever seen.