Top 10 Movies I Look Forward to Watch in 2013!

So, now that we are done with the whole 2012 hype, most of us movie buffs are looking forward to what are we looking to expect to come out this year after quite an epic year of movies in 2012. However with all the upcoming movies coming out, surely for all of us would have their own list of movies that they are really waiting to come out this year and would be waiting and talking to their friends about it.

[2013 will be a badass year for movies!]

So with that thought in mind, of course you will be expecting to see a list here in tehtarikmemoirs of the movies that I have been screaming and jumping for their release since their trailer came out. To make this really interesting for my side, I have chose my 10 most anticipated movies (not in any order) for 2013 that I am seriously looking forward to, with links to their trailer as well as why I am looking forward to this.

As I said guys, click on the names of the movie to check out the trailer. I can't put all in here coz it would jam the website. :P

First up we have Pain and Gain, which is a movie that is based on a true story of two gym freaks who are tired of the everyday life and attempted to create a kidnap and rob ring which goes horribly wrong....

Why would I wanna watch it?: Fact of the matter is, most gym dudes would want to watch this just so that we would be able to see how you poke fun on gym monkeys in town. From the trailer, the fact that Mark Wahlberg got himself seriously buffed for this movie to go head to head with the Great One himself, The Rock shows serious awesome potential of this movie to be great. May not be for everyone but I am actually looking forward to this... :D

Expected release: April

This might be by far the stupidest series one would see in the movie but damn it really caught up with a following!The Hangover: Part 3 is the final conclusion of the "Wolfpack" adventure and it is rumored to be the finale fitting for this series!
Why would I want to watch it?: Since that I have been following the first two movies of this series, I suppose it is only fitting that I conclude the entire adventure with an epic boom! The last one was a bit of a disappointment but right now I am hoping it would be a good one...

And yes, this time they are going to Amsterdam, which I have been before! :D

 Expected Release: May

Once again, another epic Sci-Fi movie is out and this time, we combo both Will Smith and Jayden Smith in one movie! After Earth tells a story where Earth is no longer an inhabitable planet and when a father and son accidentally crash landed on the planet, they need to do what it takes to survive until help comes.

Why I want to watch this movie?: Everyone was expecting sooner or later for both the Smith family to make another movie together and this is going to make it even more epic. From the trailer this would seriously not spare any expense on CGI to make this movie and we also get to see why exactly did humans left Earth in the first place. Epic.

Expected Release:  June

Next up, I would not vouche this to be my list without a British comedy in it. The World's End is a simple story of a bunch of dudes who are trying to recreate a pub crawl they did from back in their younger days, only to find out that something even bigger is about to happen.

Why Would I Want to Watch This Movie?: Fact of the matter is, so far all of the movie involving both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have never been a disappointment for me so I would imagine this would be good as well. Bring on the catastrophe then...

Expected Release: October

Yet another "abandoned Earth" movie in 2013 but somehow everyone has been talking about this movie. Oblivion is a Tom Cruise Sci-Fi movie that finds him in Earth, supposedly coming to fix something down there but finding something that completely changes his perception of the wars between humans and aliens.

Why Would I Want to Watch this Movie?: Give me an action adventure movie involving aliens and cool guns and I am in. Plus the whole mystery in finding the truth behind movies always fascinated me. Check out the trailer and you will find why everyone is talking about this movie to be one of the blockbuster of the year...

Expected Release: April

If there is one person out there that hated Monsters Inc. then I would say you either lost your inner child or didn't have a childhood at all. It has been so many years since the last movie came out but Monster University is expected to be a blast!

Why Would I Want to Watch this Movie?: I love prequels to a movie because of two things. 1) is that you would be able to get an explanation on the humble beginning of the character and 2) you can always relate the things you see in the movie from the previous, hence the excited shrills during a movie!

Expected Release: June

I admit that I do have a preference when it comes to sci-fi movies, which means no idiot would want to watch how The Enterprise got its fame. Star Trek: Into the Darkness continues the prequel of which on how the fleet would have to face one of the most famous villains in the franchise.

Why Would I want to Watch this Movie?: Told you guys, I'm a sci-fi geek and I would love to see how the earlier saga between Spock and Captain Kirk started which basically made the franchise famous as it is today.

Expected Release: May

This is one is seriously something I really look forward to. Pacific Rim is basically a robot show. The difference is in the storyline itself. With large scale aliens attacking Earth from beneath the sea, humanity then created large scale humanoid robots to counter attack these savages!

Why I Want to Watch this Movie?: Back in the days, we use to play this game called Mech Warrior and I was addicted to it. This movie is as close as you can get to show the same idea and concept behind the robots and seriously this is a bad ass movie to begin with. 100 foot alien monsters being punched in the face by a giant, rocket fueled, robot punch. Lets get it on.

Expected Release: July

Need I say more about this film? Man of Steel created a hype on its own after teasers started to come out early last year and everyone was excited for it. After the big botched attempt of recreating Superman the last time, a lot of people were hoping we would finally be able to make the legend some justice in the movies.

Why I Want to Watch this Movie?: Superman was everyone's hero, regardless of what age you are in he will always be the hero. So when the direction of his portrayal was going to be slightly darker than its previous movies, I got so interested on finding out how it was going to be done for this time around. Making the Man of Steel human. Interesting....

Expected Release: June

and of course...

 I've wrote about how Iron Man 3 made a huge fuss by coming up with a trailer to its movie trailer and everyone went completely bananas over it. People started to come up with their own theories in the direction of this one is going to take but one thing for sure, from its trailer we can seriously imagine that this is going to be the biggest movie of the year.

So there you have it folks, my 10 movies that I am seriously looking forward to in 2013 which is going to be a great one for movie buffs around.

Whats your top 10 list? Share on the comment below!

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