TehTarikDrinker says Adieu to 2012

Honestly it seems like only yesterday that I remembered writing the same titled blog post last year and here we are, the start of the new year. I know it sounds cliche like anything but then again, one can't help feel a little nostalgic when it comes to reminiscing times in the past.

[Loving this new year poster!]

And so like the most of us, 2012 has been quite an eventful year for me and the rest of my group, coming from minute changes to the ones that are just downright life changing. Nevertheless, it was a year to remember to be honest with you.

Although I have to admit that I was struggling to figure out how exactly do I do this post, I decided to take a page inspired by Kenny Sia and mention a few highlights on what I have been up to in the last year.

1. Achieving (well... almost) my running target for 2012

As mentioned in the previous blog post,  I came in 2012 with a target set between me and the rest of the Teh Tarik Runner of what we wanted to achieve. So far, I have completed 11 runs in total for 2012 which I never thought was a feat that I could achieve so this is a huge one for me. On top of that, I got a taste of running in events outside of Malaysia and it was one of the best experiences in my life.

2. Got serious at work and slowed down on blogging

With a lot of things in mind I think my own mentality kinda changed when it comes to work.
Despite everything, I had to buckle down a little bit more than before when it comes to work to make sure that I created the necessary impact that I wanted in order to move forward and 2012 was a year I spent learning how to do so. So far I can see myself turning into a workaholic as the day goes by but I think its something that I needed to. 

So is life I guess...

Unfortunately with that in mind, blogging had to slow down a little bit, as the number of posts I recorded this year decreased from 119 posts to 103 posts for 2012. Also on that, a lot of the segments on this blog had to be halted because of the same reason, in which I truly regret... A very disappointing number to be honest....

3. Revamped the site altogether!

My previous layout for this site was the first layout I used when I started this blog and it stayed there for the longest time. I am not sure why but within the time period of 2009 to 2012 I was not really that comfortable in changing the layout for various reasons. Call it because I want to be comfortable with the design, it was also turning into a designated image of the blog, whatever the reason I just didn't want to change.
However after a while, I do get similar comments on how a change is needed with the look of the website.

It was too dark, too hard to read and sometimes it even takes ages to load up for some people.

So I took it upon myself to buckle down and took the site back to the drawing board. I made some tweaks on the design a bit, rather than being limited to the frames that it had in the past as well as picking up some tips from favorite tech guide websites like hongkiat.com, I ended up coming up with this.

Its a leap of faith but it has to be done. :D

4. Attended my first Chinese wedding

I know that despite the multicultural people I have in my close circle that this is really a surprising revelation, I seriously have never attended one before this. Of course I was not only fortunate enough to attend a Chinese wedding this year, it was a wedding that everyone was talking about. :D
and it was one hell of a wedding!  :D

5. Traveled even more places this year compared to last year!

Last year was an amazing year for me and traveling and at one point I figured that I would not have the same opportunity as I would this year.
boy was I wrong...

Thankfully I was fortunate enough to even go MORE places this year to visit countries that I have never even been before. Had the opportunity to travel to Korea for work and a short holiday there, made my run in Gold Coast Australia and of course most importantly my amazing trip to America and Belize for the Anarchy Island trip.

Looking back at what I planned to do as my new year's resolution for 2012, I am a little scared to report in my score for the year but of course I would have to face my own resolutions for the year so here goes....

Checklist from 2012!

1. Get Mandarin done!
- unfortunately still unable to even speak the lick of Mandarin but gosh darn it I will continue to try!

2. Break 500 visitors to blog per day!
- just under to be honest... so close....

3. Get promoted within the year
- got one done! :D

4. Travel to 5 different locations within this year
- as mentioned above, thankfully I have exceeded this as well! :D

5. Get gym target done (12% - 10%)
- despite the increased frequency of my gym visits, I have yet to hit that percentage but I am getting close....

6. Run at least a half marathon overseas!
- done this in Gold Coast! :D

7. Learn how to skip rope (yup I admit it....)
- also another successful notch on my list! :D

8. Be more involved with Nuffnang and GPlusMY
- I have to admit that it has been quite an eventful year with Nuffnang this year but I would want to get even more involvement with their activities and especially their competitions. Need more ideas...

9. Take relationship to next level?
check and check. :D
video on how I did it coming out soon.... 

So with 2013 already on the way, there are a few things that I would want to add in the list, on top of those that I have yet to complete from 2012. For one, there are a lot of things significant for this year, especially those close to me.

For one thing, this is the year I turn the big three-oh...

[damn straight]

In this year, there would of course be a lot of other things that I want to achieve and as I told most people around me, I believe that 2013 would be the year of achieving quality over quantity when it comes to my goals. Therefore, what I hope to achieve for 2013 are:

1. Run my first full marathon. Like finally.
2. Write more posts this year than the previous year.
3. Create something new with the blog.
4. Travel to a new place I have never been before.
5. Level up at my workplace.
6. Own my own pad (since I already have my own car).
and most importantly....
7. Be a great husband. :)

On that note, on behalf of myself and the rest of Team Teh Tarik, I would like to wish you guys and gals out there a great year ahead and may all your goals that you have set for this year will be achieved with flying colors. As for those who have been supporting this blog all the way through 2012, honestly I thank you so very much for the humbling support and I do hope you would enjoy the new things that are coming into the blog!