India's Gang Rape Case: An Uproar that Shook the Nation

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> Quite honestly I had to wait for a long time before writing this post, on the sole basis that I wanted to collect as much information as I can before coming up with my own conclusion with what has happened in this particular case.

For those of you guys who have not heard about this case, there has been a lot of versions that has been going around with what exactly happen but the similarity within the story is this. Two young students, an Indian couple, was coming back from watching a movie Life of Pi in the bustling city of Delhi. Since it was already nightfall, they decided to take a bus which they thought was going to take them back home. When they got inside the bus, 5 men, which included the bus driver, started to hurl verbal abuses to the couple. Afterwards, the men stopped the bus, locked the tinted bus from the inside and started to beat both the couple up with metal bars especially the male victim. 3 of the men then dragged the female victim to the driver's cabin and proceeded to take turns to rape the girl while at the same time beating her viciously. After about an hour of the repeated ordeal, the couple where then thrown out of the moving bus and was left there, badly hurt from their injuries and was later found by the police and brought to the hospital.

[The alleged bus where the crime was committed]

This is where it got a little skewed in the story. They claim that they were left there for 30 minutes while being ignored by people walking by and it took the police a considerable amount of time for them to react because they spent the time arguing whose responsibility should the victim fall under. The authorities mentioned that they were at the scene of the crime 4 minutes after the alleged crime was committed, and the pair arrived at the hospital 24 minutes later. 

As the story goes, the female victim did not survive her injuries and died while receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore.

Regardless of which version of the story is true, the one thing for sure is that this act of cruel violence sparked a major outrage in the city, with city wide demonstrations done everywhere in Delhi and some even clashing with the police, demanding for justice to be serve and reforms be made on the laws governing women rights in one of the most highest crime rate against women cities in the world.

With rampant problems like this happening around the world, I believe that this issue is something that we are also facing here back home. So many of cases that we have heard of females being sexually assaulted and attacked and more likely than not, similar responses have always been seen surfacing out of these cases.

Its partially the woman's fault for getting herself into that situation.

[how long more should we tolerate with these crimes?]

I for one am appalled that some would even think of blaming the victim in a situation like this, as if they would try to justify an absolutely heinous crime like rape by putting some part of the blame to the woman just because you think you can.

If there is anything that this case would show to us, is that there is an absolute need to severely punish those that commit such crimes, either as a deterrent to those out there that would even think of doing the same thing or at least taking this people out from living in our society once and for all. Violence like this should never be tolerated and should be dealt with the utmost importance within any society.

Today, the father of the victim of the Indian Gang Rape case has revealed who the daughter is, as to show the woman that tried to fight her way through the ordeal and perished in the hands of brutal sex criminals.

Rest in Peace Jyoti Singh Pandey. May justice be served for your ordeal.