End of an Era for Morning Radio DJ Groups

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> I know its something weird to talk about when it comes to radio DJ but seeing the conversations on Twitter, I kinda feel the need to actually address this issue properly. In the last couple of years, my routine while going to work has always been the same. Get my lazy bum out of bed, get ready, breakfast and endure the 45 mins to 1 hour traffic hell drive to work. But all of those mornings of going through all that seem to be an ease because of one good reason..

[The two radio stations that I listen to religiously every morning]

Every morning, I will without a doubt tune in to these two radio stations EVERY SINGLE MORNING to catch the morning show. (how I can listen to BOTH at the same time is a complicated system that I work out every morning with the Phantom, Twitter and the phone....)

After all these years, I still believe that these two stations created a great deal of an impact to most Malaysian when it comes to their morning shows and I believe this much is true for myself as well. I will be brutally honest that I do not listen to them for the music, because for that I could easily get from streaming channels online on Youtube, but rather for their different yet relatable personalities that they showcase on air.

[The original #PagiRockCrew]

When I started listening to Fly.FM, the original Pagi Rock Crew consisted of Premo, Nadia and Hafiz which their entire show covered issues from everyday life issues all the way until silly, idiotic geeky jokes and stories either about themselves or the general public. Even when the trio became a duo, they never did stop with their antics and they really did go crazy on their ideas. Read on...

I think its because of these things that people really did enjoy their show is because they could relate back to the things they were talking about at all times, including myself!

One thing that made them different was their involvement in Twitter for their shows. Most shows would usually get their listeners to call them but with Twitter, they were addressing almost everyone including those that were shy to go live on air.

Each morning I was religiously Twitter these people while being stuck in the traffic, laughing my head off every time on my own each time. There was even a time where I challenged the boys on air to do the Office Dares which they actually responded to! Good times...

and then you have these two...

[Hitz.fm's very own JJ and Ean]

I have been listening to Hitz for a VERY LONG time, in fact I still remember me and brothers were listening to them back in the days of 1997. Over the years, their morning crews changed from one duo to another but I would believe that these two were the ones that people could really approach simply because of the their personality on air and even in real life.

[TehTarikRunners with the boys at the Borneo Marathon 2012]

So far I had the pleasure to meet these two in numerous occasions and each time (I really mean each time) there was always a sense of friendliness between them and there was never a problem for either myself or the rest of Team Teh Tarik to come around and approach them either for a chat or a picture. Straight guys these two are...

So the question for this blog post, what happens when they no longer are the duo we listen to everyday on the radio station?

As it turns out starting this year, the duo for both the stations have been changed and are no longer talking in the airwaves as to how most of us would listen. So far I am uncertain on why the change was made by the management but reading from the news feed on Twitter, a lot of us were also wondering what happened and whether the duos will ever come back.

Either ways, I believe this would be the end of the era for both great morning show DJs. I believe that there will be a lot of listeners that would find it rather difficult to change our preference and tune in to the new group that is taking over. This would also include myself as well...

So I for one would like to wish all the best, if they are reading this of course, to the new duos for both Hitz.FM and Fly.FM with the new morning show.

And also thanks very much to the duo, The Morning Crew and the Pagi Rock Crew for an awesome time in the mornings. U guys were awesome.