Teh Tarik Drinker on Anarchy Island - Day 4

Many apologies on the delay on this post AGAIN. There was so many things that I wanted to write about this post that I did not know where to start. Then again, I was dreading on writing this post because it was our final night in the island and we did have a appropriate farewell ceremony to cap the un"Belize"able (get it get it?) trip we have gone through so far. More on that later...

[The morning after the party was a gorgeous one!]

As we woke up from what was the best party I have ever attended in my life, we shuffled our way to join the rest for breakfast at our usual dining area. There we were told that today, the party will continue but they have a huge surprise installed for us again today. Since that last night was a pool party, they decided to make today's event a beach party!

To me I figured that would be kinda cool but we have been doing activities at the same beach on the first day so it would be nothing different. That was when they corrected me on my assumption.

They have arranged to leave us on a private island, with the girls and the DJ to just party there!

[Everyone was excited to go!]

As we finished our breakfast, more and more people came to join us at the dining area and once again they were also briefed of the same thing like how we did. The best thing was that despite the shoddy weather that we have been getting for the last two days, today was an extremely clear day with no cloud or rain in sight. We were set for a really good beach day!

[Ave helping me out with some sunblock, as the sun was at it very best today!]

[Looking for a place for me to sit on the boat]

As we were waiting for our boat rides to come, we were told that there will be 3 boats that will take us there and the journey will take between 45 to 1 hour 15 minutes to reach from our resorts, depending which boat you will take. The reason why I say that is because two of the boats are speed boats that will get you there post haste but the other one is a bigger, slower boat that would also transport the stuff there.

We unfortunately got the slower boat. -.-'

[Ave with her awesome bikini shirt]

[While Shen Thuu managed to get the attention of the girls, just by sitting down]

And so we undertook the journey to this anticipated island. I have to admit that I have had my fair share of beach trips in my life but never have I experienced having an entire island for ourselves for a day and just enjoying our time there so I was excited to see as to how this island was going to look like.

1 hour and a few bumpy waves later (Ave unfortunately got sick half way...), we were here!

[Land Ahoy!]

[Aptly put sign for us to spot!]

[Everyone was already spotting their place on the beach!]

The entire island itself was just a teeny tiny island in the middle of nowhere with the clearest of water you can ever imagine and the whitest sand for us to play on. Since we were on the slowest boat, everyone else was there when we arrived but that would only mean that everything was already set up when we came!

So as we disembarked from our boat, we hit the food hut for some grub!

[Best life principles I have since since Hakuna Matata]

[Shen Thuu and I decided to take on a silly picture]

The Ranguana Caye is one of the many cluster of islands that people can rent to get away from everything and its pretty much fully equipped with beach house cabins and such for an unforgettable stay in your very own private island. I was also told that honeymooners usually come here to spend time with themselves and really enjoy the beach on their own, without the disturbance of others. How romantic...

[Beach front in front of the cabin]

[The Man 'o' War Cabin]

[I love this picture of Ave and I]

Coming back to the food, somehow rather they managed to transport our barrel of fruit punch as well as a bucket load full of barbeque chicken, veges and yummy potato salads on to the island. Not to mention the copious amount of seafood to top as well. I was hungry as anything so no surprise the first thing I did was to dig in.

[Buffet line]

[BBQ Chicken, steam long beans and carrots, potato salad and a cookie. Yum yum]

[Even the girls were happily muching on the food]

[So are the Malaysian boys!]

[anyone wants to be that fish head? :D]

Once we were finished with our food (I admit I took seconds), we then proceeded to the beach for some fun. The thing is there was nothing much really planned for us once we got here because the organizers figured that it would only be appropriate for us to be stranded there without a plan together with the girls and just go nuts. Duly noted.

[Beach time!]

Oh did I mention, they even brought Freddy the DJ as well to the island for him to spin the entire time we were there?

[Heya Freddy!]

[Ben our official photographer for the event!]

[Me and the boys getting ready for the beach!]

Trust me, it was not like we had nothing to do there in that beach. We had loads of things to do there I didn't know where to start! (apart from splashing around in the sea of course...

We had some beach volley ball and football

[Heads up!]

[Awesome return shot]

We had some playing beach frisbee, which got intense!

[Shen Thuu going frisky!]

We had some who basically stayed in the water the whole time. No idea why...

[Ah I see why...]

But most important of all, spending time with the girls who were looking at their absolute best in their bikinis, glistening in the sun. 

I'll be quiet now.

[This tree stump seems to be a popular place to take pictures]

[See what I mean? :)]

[Photo op of us with the girls]

[another pic perfect shot with the girls]

[One of the girls found a hermit crab who didn't want to come out and say hi. Wonder why...]

[This is seriously an awesome "wish you were here" shot!]

So as the day goes by, we were all set to return back to our boats to go back to our resort for another activity. Before that, we wanted to get a group picture with the girls, as a momento for this event.

[Girls are all posed and ready]

[Even got them so say hi to you guys!]

[Yes, you would not be able to stop me smiling like that!]

[The Brits managed to find some seashells by the beach. Look at the size of them!]

And so we bid adieu to our little private island and headed back to the resort. A lot of gloomy faces in the boat that night simply because we knew that this was going to be it, the last night we were going to enjoy ourselves on this trip before going back to our own reality. It has been awesome to be honest and we were all dead set to make it a big bang for tonight's last party.

[Our boat ride back home]

[Things got a little nutty on our boat on the way back]

When we got back, naturally our day at the beach kinda wore us out big time so we took some time off to catch some sleep in our resort before the night comes. At that point my ankles were seriously killing me because I kinda spent the entire time running around the uneven surface of the beach with my busted ankle from my previous runs. Ouch...

That night, we rendezvoused to the porch area of the resort for some roast dinner and of course, our finale party!

[Makeshift waterfall at our saltwater pool]

[Coconuts for drinks?]

[Found a friend that let me rest on]

[David with his big lobster dinner! Yum!]

So as we continued on with dinner, the organisers came around and told us that they have prepared a special theme for our event tonight and brought some props along to assist us on this. The theme for the night was "Tribal Night" so they brought along some guys who were supplying as much tribal wear and accessories that we can actually keep for ourselves as well as some face painters to give us some fake tribal tattoo!

[Ave getting her face painted]

[David was rocking the grass dress]

[Our dinnertime entertainment for the night]

[While I got myself a Maori tribal paint going....]

[... the obvious choice was the "Mike Tyson" of course!]

It was afterwards came the best part of the night. We were told to shuffle along the beach line for a special occasion. Since that this night was going to be the last night of us here, it was only appropriate for us to say goodbye to the island in the most beautiful way I could ever imagine. So, we were told to gather...

[Everyone gathering...]

And we were each given paper laterns to light up and float as a symbol of our presence here in the island for the last three days! If you guys don't know what this is all about, be prepared to see something quite spectacular... 

[we lighted the bottom burner]

[Hold it steady with your partner. Of course you were suppose to do it with an Axe girl. This one looks sh'abit gay]

[A just let it float on its own!]

I know that this might look simple enough but once everyone got theirs on the air, it was seriously a spectacular sight to see, especially in the distance. Ave and I actually managed to get ours quite high up in the air and once we were done, we just sat there and enjoyed the view.

Enjoy the pictures guys!

[Hold it steady...]

[Floating with our memories of the island]

As we silently watched the lights go out one after the other in the far distance, I think a lot of us were starting to get a little nostalgic with our memories here. To brush it off, we then decided to party the night away as how we expected to end our last night in the island!

[We even had fire dancers in our party!]

[Yoga Flame!]

[Doing the horsey dance one last time]

[Had a great chat with the girls about, believe it or not, FITNESS! :P]

[the girls showing off their colours!]

[Tribal FTW!]

And thus we closed in a great night as to bid farewell for our great time here in Belize. I went around the other chalets to say goodbye to those that I might not see tomorrow during our departure and felt that everyone was feeling rather sad for leaving back home. If there is anything that we took back from this, is a serious great memory in this island.

[Oh yeah!]

Next up will be Day 5 - We Say Adieu to Axe Anarchy Island