Merry Christmas from Team Teh Tarik!

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It's here again.

Its that time of the year where the holiday spirits are high and everywhere around the world, people are joyfully running around getting themselves ready for the spirit and Christmas and of course the absolute joy of holidays!

Its amazing that even in a multiracial country like Malaysia, we would still be enjoying the holiday spirits, which I believe is a true testament to our tolerance and share of holidays with one another, despite the differences.

Usually this time of the year, I would be back to my mother's hometown (and even mine!) in Kota Kinabalu Sabah to celebrate with my family there. However this year, I am stuck in KL for work (plus I took a week off recently for my Caribbean Holiday) and could only relay my wishes back home from another medium. Nevertheless, it should not be a dampener to the holidays spirits and so should you guys!

On that note on behalf of the rest of Team Teh Tarik, I would like to wish you guys out there a great Christmas ahead and all the happy holiday wishes to everyone else! To those that are celebrating Christmas, I wish you all the joy where ever you guys are and for those who are not, enjoy the holidays as I would and look forward for the coming new year ahead!