Teh Tarik Reviews: Rise of the Guardians

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> This is the reason why I love movie review nights. Once again the good people of NuffnangMY gave me and a bunch of us bloggers to watch the 3D preview of the latest Dreamworks movie, Rise of the Guardians two days earlier than its opening night! Sweet!

[Bring on the Guardians!]

Basically the entire premise of the movie revolves around the legend and stories of the old folk tales that I use to read and listen to when I was a kid and putting a completely different spin into those stories. Instead of the fluffy, cuddly stories that we use to remember, the directors put a completely bad ass twist to the folk characters.

Which I thought was AMAZING!

[Fairy tales just got bad ass]

The plot follows the introduction of Jack Frost, a character that was known to only be nothing more than a saying, who longs for the reason why he was created and for people to be able to see him as how he is. Not knowing on the other side of the world, the 4 guardians, North (Santa Claus), Bunnymind (Easter Bunny), Tooth (Toothfairy) and Sandy (Sandman) are threatened by the dark Pitch Black (Boogeyman) who wants to eliminate the children of the world's belief on them and create a world of nightmares and chaos. Fearing that they would not be able to handle this threat by themselves, they enlisted the ever unpredictable, fun loving but chaos bringing Jack Frost into their guardian ranks, with much dire consequences. 

Although the premise of the movie might sound a little childish and soppy for us adults, I would have to implore that the movie had so much more than just that. It even featured a very "action packed" sequences within the movie which did give us guys a run for our money. 

So without further adieu, here are my reviews for the movie!

Would I watch it again? : Honestly, I actually would. It was one of those movies that had a "feel good" atmosphere to it. Much like watching Wall-E or Up in the past.

Movie or DVD worthy? : Definitely movie worthy. The very fact that we got the chance to watch it in 3D made it even better. However there were parts within the movie which you can see they push a little to hard to cater for the 3D version which may affect the normal viewers.

Plot : The storyline itself was great, putting a whole new spin to the old children story books in the past. I may be a little bias on this because I use to read A LOT of the old Enid Blyton whose books used to revolve around the same characters and story line. One complain that I would put is that I feel the development and introduction of the characters were a bit short and rushed.

Star Power :  Like most animated movies nowadays, the voices behind the characters were heavyweight A-listers themselves. The likes of Jude Law, Isla Fisher and Chris Pine kinda made a lot of difference in the movie experience itself. My absolute favorite was with Hugh Jackman giving an Aussie twist to the voice of Bunnymund. Pure class!

Teh Tarik Rating : I'll give an easy 9 out of 10.

I would actually recommend you guys to not miss this movie if you are looking for an "easy atmosphere movies with a twist" and I believe that with the festivities of Christmas coming around the corner, the timing for this movie could not be any better. In some ways it kinda made you want to believe again in all the stories and tales that you use to read when you were young. 

Jingle bells?

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