Teh Tarik Predicts - English Premier League 2013 Week 12

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> Made a slight boo-boo of missing my predictions last week, due an extremely hectic scheduling that I had to sort out regarding my travel plans this year. Nevertheless, football week waits for no man and similarly enough, time for me to cast my predictions for this week's results. Last time around, unfortunately I only scored a 40% accuracy on my predictions, which is not exactly the number I am going for. Please oh please let me do better this week...

onwards to the predictions!

Arsenal vs Tottenham

Another early game for the Gunners this week and not much good news for them for the last couple of weeks. Last week they had to fight quite hard for a point on their own turf which was surprising. Spurs however are also in the ditch situation, with the whole AVB saga looks to boil over. A tight London darby this is going to be.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Arsenal to take this on slim margin.

Liverpool vs Wigan

Liverpool is holding on to a rather promising form at the moment, with their start striker Suarez is on red hot form on the pitch. Most likely that this is going to be an easy one to call but do expect some resistance from Wigan in the first half at the Kop.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Second half drubbing win for Liverpool.

Man City vs Aston Villa

The last time I predicted the score for the noisy neighbors, I had a huge shock that an expected drubbing from their side did not happen. I would want to say the same again this week but I do know that the Villan's track record away from home is not something to underestimate. Still, City would want to maintain their position to chase United so their will pull out their guns on this game.

Teh Tarik Predicts: City to have an easy game win.

Newcastle vs Swansea

This should be an easy game to call but I am aware that some key players from Newcastle are doubtful to start for this game because of some injuries, which kinda makes me wonder if they can maintain the form for this game. Word on the street that Swansea is trying to rejuvenate their early season form especially in their playmaker Michu. Interesting...

Teh Tarik Predicts: Draw but with rather exciting goals.

QPR vs Southampton

Another home game for Tony Fernandez and his boys and so far we have yet to see much from the Hoops even with last week. However, the battle of the bottom of the table might be an interesting match up between the two and I would have to give this game on a slim margin to hoops with their home advantage.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Slim win to the QPR.

Reading vs Everton

As much as I would want to see Reading to take something out of this game, Everton is currently running on spectacular form and the whole team seems to work well as a unit in their games. Last week demonstrated that teams need not rely on individual skills and I believe Everton have so far shown just that.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Easy win for Everton.

West Brom vs Chelsea

This might be an interesting one. Despite the large difference in the club stature, WBA are establishing themselves among the big boys of the league, to some extent even looking like the "giant killers" of the league this season. I know that a lot of people would not agree to this prediction but I am bold enough to do this.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Draw in an extremely interesting match up between the two.

Norwich vs Man Utd

I don't think that it would be that much of a problem for United to dispose Norwich this week but what worries me are the defensive line up for United which seems to be showing the solid form of a wiggly tofu. So far United fans are having a hard time trying to watch their games without getting a hard attack and Norwich home form is somewhat something to worry about.

Teh Tarik Predicts: United to win, with a slight heart attack moment in the end.

Fulham vs Sunderland

This would be the hardest one for me to predict. My gut instinct is telling me that it should be an easy win for Fulham but with the yo-yo form that they've been having, its kinda hard for me to say that. Plus, despite the position Sunderland is at the table now, they still did show some strong fight backs in previous games.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Sticking to my gut feeling, Fulham to win.

West Ham vs Stoke

Another surprise package for this season, I am amazed at the position the Hammers are at now despite them being in the first year back in the main league. So far, I have seen exemplary form for the Hammers on the pitch and so far, their home ground record has been impeccable. This one should be an easy one to call.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Solid win on the first half for the Hammers.

Please do leave some comment guys on your own predictions. Would love to see what you guys think of this week.

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