Teh Tarik Predicts - English Premier League 2013 Week 10

Many apologies with the late posting for this weeks prediction chaps, but there was so many things that was needed to sort out for the end of the year I literally got overwhelmed up until now. Nevertheless, better late than never they say and for this week, we got ourselves another big match and once again, United is involved!

So, lets get down to business shall we?

Man Utd vs Arsenal

From all the hanky panky business that was surrounding United's match last week, this week we have another hot one with the Gunners visiting Old Trafford. Historically United have a strong record against the Gunner in Old Trafford, despite a few hitched over the years, and they are coming in strong on from during the game. What I am interested in is to see what kind of reception would Robin Van Persie will get from the away fans. Titillating to be honest...

Teh Tarik Predicts: United to win, RVP scores the winning goal and doesn't celebrate.

Fulham vs Everton

Still hot in pursuit for a Champions League standing in the league, Everton have been ruthless is chasing after the big boys on top. However there have been a dip of their form lately. Fulham after a excellent 6 goal show last week is still trying to get their early season groove back so it is very interesting to watch how this one pans out. I'd be looking closely at Berbatov who seems to be hitting a goal form at the moment. Thats rare.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Another high goal draw for this game.

Norwich vs Stoke

Both teams had a promising start this season but somehow everything is starting to go wrong with the two. Last week both teams could only manage a boring draw with their opponents and both show a lack of drive when it comes to their attacking force. So far Stoke has a better defensive record but we all know that doesn't really win games, especially in the English league today.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Norwich to make use of their home advantage for the slight win.

Sunderland vs Aston Villa

I have to admit completely misread Sunderland's capability last week which they managed to hold their ground defensively. However things might be different this week with the Villans coming around to see what they are worth. I do give a lot of credit to Villa in the previous years however this year really is a difficult one for them to handle. 

Teh Tarik Predicts: Sunderland with the win of the home advantage.

Swansea vs Chelsea


The one thing about Swansea is that they always have a way to figure out big teams in games and they keep their form well. Not this time I am afraid. From what we saw Chelsea's gameplay with both Hazard and Mata in the middle, their attacks are simply ferocious. Plus, without Swansea's talisman goalkeeper Vorm between the sticks, it would be hard for them to hold on against the Blues.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Big win for Chelsea.

Tottenham vs Wigan

Seating pretty on the Champions League spot on the and a home advantage, Spurs have a very strong prospect of taking this game into the bank without much resistance. I do have to note that their focus might be in question here as we have seen Spurs losing out on smaller teams and Wigan is one team that really takes advantage of that.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Clear win for Spurs

West Ham vs Man City

Another drubbing in the making, it is little doubt that City will do what they can to make sure they keep their noses on the title fight in every game and this would not be any different. I do not think there is much options that can be seen here except the inevitable.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Man City to win easily despite being away from home.

QPR vs Reading

The performance of these two teams at the moment really do break my heart, as I would love to see them improve their position in the league. Unfortunately, both teams have yet to break their duck of bad results so far in the league. However after the performance in the League Cup midweek, I think Reading might have enough firepower to see of QPR in this game.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Reading to win by very slim margin.

Liverpool vs Newcastle

Kop supporters may be excited with their form this season, which shows much improvement in the past games, despite a few setback on their stride. But after a hard fought Merseyside darby last week, they face the on form Newcastle on their grounds. Despite that, I would still favor Liverpool to come out better in this game.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Liverpool to win.

West Brom vs Southampton

Despite losing last week, WBA did put up a good show especially defensively on their game with Newcastle. For this week they have their home advantage by their side which so far have shown promising results in the last 10 weeks. Southampton are still struggling to make their mark in the league which means that it is unlikely for them to do the same playing away this week.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Easy win for WBA.

Despite my 50% accuracy in last week prediction, I am hoping to come up with a better show this week so please do keep an eye how this turns out. Also I do welcome your views so please do leave a comment below to what you think the results will be this week.