I'm Going to the CARIBBEANS!

<data:blog.pageName/> <data:blog.title/> <data:blog.pageTitle/> Still feeling a little giddy on the announcement that was made last night and boy this is a big one. Two months ago, the good people in Nuffnang started this competition which a lot of us thought was their biggest prize given so far. Collaborating with Axe Malaysia who were the official organizers, the search was on for the best move that you can do to attract the opposite sex.

[Chaos Island? Interesting...]

Not wanting to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity, I gathered as many of TeamTehTarik to help collaborate and create the entry for this competition. It took weeks to really finalize the videos, the post, the pictures and in the end with much constraint, I came up with this entry.

It was no surprise, the competition was intense, and I saw a lot of great entries.

The amazing this was....

When I got the news, I couldn't even comprehend properly on what was really going on but with all said and done, I was on my way to an all expense paid trip for two in a couple weeks time to the amazing sandy beaches of the Caribbeans!

So in full appreciation to this, there were a few posts that I seriously loved and I would IMPLORE ALL THE READERS TO CHECK THEM OUT!

First up biggie up on my man Tony who gave one heck of a series of tips in his posts. I have to admit that the post was excellent and I kept coming back to read the post over and over again.

Please do check out the post

Despite me making a video for the competition, there were also some who actually did seriously great videos as well for the competition. But the one that stood out not just to me but the rest of TeamTehTarik was Nini-Ong. I honestly loved the "paper folding gift" idea and I kept watching the video for some reason.

Anyways, kudos to the post and to check out her post

with that in mind, I also realized that the fairer sex had a fair share of the competition and boy some really did turn up with really great posts!

this post that was made by Janice was one of them that I kept reading! The fact that she gave in tips that people could easily relate was one that really got me interested to read. Of course being a United fan may or may not have swayed my attention. :D

Do check out her post

I've always known that Ms Xeroz would create "out of the box" posts for competitions like this and this time around, she did not disappoint. I love the pictures that she used for the post and the word play was pure genius!

Check out her wacky post

And last but not the least, the comic blogger entries was phenomenal for this competition. The usual suspects turned up for this and they brought in the big guns!

One of my absolute favorite was the one from AkiraCEO which I think a lot of people share the same view on this. I loved the comic strip that he posted for this competition!

Do check out his comic post

It comes to no surprise that  I'm a huge fan of Ernest and his blog so his entry on what NOT to do to charm a lady was excellent! Perhaps it was the humor or perhaps it was the "knife-man-threat" that made me keep reading this post.

Do check out his post
there, please don't stab me.

So there you have it folks, the entries that I loved reading yet I was nervously thinking that mine would not be able to compete with them at all.

But after all that have been said and done, I'll be the first to congratulate all the other winners who won great prizes from this competition as well. As for my win, it would have not been like this if it was not for these people.

Thanks so much for the great people in Nuffnang and Axe Malaysia for this great opportunity.

Thanks so much for TeamTehTarik members and those who helped with the video

Thanks so much for those who took time reading this silly entry and making it known to people. I truly appreciate it!

So with all that being said and done, I seriously can't wait for the trip to happen. I shall be going to the Caribbeans in a couple weeks time for this event and I've been working rather hard in the last couple of month for a trip like this so this came in perfect timing. The last time I was at a beach resulted to rather unfortunate and unflattering pictures to be honest....

So the question is, where am I going? And who am I bringing as my +1?

Keep an eye on the space for the write up!

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