Teh Tarik Predicts - English Premier League 2013 Week 9

Since that both StormyZaaba and I are quite obsessed with playing Fantasy Football each year (we have a league from our school batch for the last 6 years), someone suggested to me that I should make a weekly prediction in how the teams would perform on a week by week basis.


Of course my loyalty would stick to one team in the game, making football predictions would sometimes require me to make a decision that would piss me off. Regardless, this are my predictions for Game Week 9!

Aston Villa vs Norwich

Both middle table teams at the moment, Norwich have been going through quite a slump these days and Aston Villa have been slowly getting their grove back in their play. For this, I'd go for the home team because of their form and home ground advantage.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Clear win for Aston Villa

Arsenal vs QPR

QPR have been prolonging a dismal performance this year despite signing in really good players. Last week one point was a relief for their form. Arsenal have been showing us a yoyo of results, winning dominately in some and losing to some real surprise matches. But I believe there should be no surprises here.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Clear win for Arsenal

Reading vs Fulham

This one is a close one to call and unfortunately because both teams have been going through a dismal show this season, despite Fulham's good early run. Last week Reading showed a gusto performance on their game while Fulham held on their home advantage.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Fulham for the win on a small margin.

Stoke vs Sunderland

I really am impressed with the performance that Stoke has done over the last couple of years somehow they managed to place themselves as the mid table regulars in the league. Despite their on and off form on the pitch, I'd still place them as a clear favorites in this game, as Sunderland has yet to show much in their game so far.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Walk out drubbing win for Stoke.

Wigan vs West Ham

Another close one to call with the works of the mid table games does prove slightly difficult to predict. West Ham is coming in on a better form from last week and Wigan are quite strong on their home turf performance. Nevertheless, the 4 goal performance from the Hammers is enough to convince me.

Teh Tarik Predicts: West Ham on a close win

Man City vs Swansea

Moneybags Manchester City have struggled to put a dominate win on the previous games including last week but they still manage to chalk in wins when necessary. Despite Swansea's stunning performance in the season so far, I think this one is a little hard for them to handle. Note that I am hoping I am proven wrong in this prediction.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Dominate win for Man City.

Everton vs Liverpool

The sheer fact of this grudge match already shows that this is going to be an exciting game. Everton comes in with a better form on this Merseyside darby but Liverpool have been showing quite a solid defensive performance so far. A hard one to call but on certain aspects, one can see how this would turn out.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Draw with some goals and drama in the game.

Newcastle vs West Brom

Newcastle is a team that a lot of people are impressed with. Chalking up wins in a very unlikely fashion, last week showed that Newcastle had a better show in their games. West Brom, despite their strong defense, may have a been a little slow to start but might be able to put up a fight in this game.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Clear win for Newcastle.

Southampton vs Tottenham 

Spurs are now in contention with the top table placing each year and this year is no different. Southampton have been struggling to put themselves in a place after their recent promotion to the league. I think this would be a forgone conclusion.

Teh Tarik Predicts: Tottenham clear win.

Chelsea vs Man Utd

A huge super Sunday game this week with the top two teams go head to head with each other, one which is Man Utd which I support! So far Chelsea have been showing a superb run in their games and their new players have put such an impact to their form. United have been rather shaky with their form, particularly their defense which has the solid integrity of melted cheese. Another prediction I really hope I get wrong...

Teh Tarik Predicts: Chelsea win a small home win.

There you have it folks, my prediction of the week. I will be posting my predictions early on the day before match game and will be posting how accurate my predictions have been at the end of the week, so do check out how I did with my predictions!

Enjoy your football weekend chaps!

UPDATE: With the results of the games this weekend, I scored a 5/10 games accuracy on my prediction. Was hoping better for my first time predicting but let see if I can best that rate next week. Cheers!