Teh Tarik Drinker in London Baby!

Many apologies for the late reply but I am in a situation with rather limited internet access at the moment. Over the weekend, I decided to swing by London to catch up with fellow TeamTehTarik member Stormy Zaaba who has been living in London for the past 1 year.

[London Baby!]

It has been three years since I last came back to ye olde Blighty and boy was it fun to walk around the streets of London again. It was going to be a short trip to be honest so me and Zaaba decided to make the best of the weekend trip by moving around town as much as possible within a day!

[Our badass pose on a Saturday morning!]

Unfortunately on my arrival on that night, I was welcomed with what made England famous. A rather depressing weather was there when I arrived so I had to endure a slight shower while walking to Zaaba's house. Luckily enough, the next morning the sun was out without a single cloud in the sky, perfect for a day trip around town!

[Shaken not stirred?]

So, with just over a day to really explore the town, I decided to see what has changed in London since my last visit here and recap again what reminded me of London.

[Waiting for the train in the tube!]

The one thing I remembered the most about London is the amount of time I spent catching and waiting for the train in the tube! Considering the excellent public system that goes on there, I sometimes wonder why such system can be emulated back home in Malaysia. Surely that they faced the same problems as we did and solved it right?

Despite the fact that British food can be the most tasteless food you can ever find, I have to admit that I do miss the simple food there. The sight and smell of stalls selling fish and chips, salt beef sandwich or even the simple taste of the el cheapo takeout pizza I use to eat every night as a student. Pure bliss...

In fact while I was there, I even had the opportunity to attend a Malaysian night function in Trafalgar Square which was a huge surprise! I believe it was organized by Tourism Malaysia and was pretty much selling everything Malaysian, from food to handicrafts! What are the odds eh?

Of course I was not being very honest here. The main reason for this visit was to meet her.

Zaaba's new pride and joy! :D

London was a great stopover but onwards to the next destination!