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This was meant to be published a while already and because of the major renovation done to this website (with many many many unexpected delays), I finally got the time to write about this, which I believe may be quite exciting to some readers!
For most of the time, we have seen the running culture growing in the Malaysian community and more people are now into the whole running fad. However, one of the things that I observe is that most of the mainstream brand running shops usually carry clothing, goods and equipment meant for guys. As for the girls, usually is very limited and the ladies have to resort in using equipment or clothing meant for dudes.

Hence I present to you,

 [Made for running girls, by running girls!]

Recently, a group of enthusiastic female runners decided that there should be a shop that caters specifically for the ladies and also other running related goodies that even I found extraordinarily interesting. (of course the last thing you would want to see is me running in a running skirt...)

[With the founding ladies of Sukan G!]

From the 3 founders of the blogshop, of course one of them is a regular feature in this blog which is Ms Road Runner whose blog I quite enjoy reading on her running adventures around the world. As I mentioned, the blogshop itself caters for female runners for all levels and they have a great selection of running tops and skirt to name a few.

As I mentioned above, to know about what a runner needs is to be one him/herself. Between these three, they have chalked up a rather impressive track record in the running world. Apart from being regulars in the running scene, these girls have clocked in mileages from international runs around the world, including major running events such as Berlin and New York Marathons! In fact as we speak, two of them will be running for the Chicago Marathon this weekend so all the best girls!

So back to the shop, a few weeks back I was invited for their official launching and come check out what they actually have to offer, which was kinda awesome!

They have running shirts

[This one I really like!]

[Different colors of shirts available]

They also offer punny shirts that most of us can really relate!

[haha for those who take their time running]

[Now if we can get Disney to take this notion...]

They also have different types of running accessories which you can hardly find in Malaysia!

[Medal racks for runners!]
[Centerpiece medal racks!]

[Sweatbands and hair bands for those with long flowy locks!]

So far the girls have just started operations in the last couple of weeks and there has been a lot of buzz with their products. Personally I love the idea of having an apparel shop specifically for the girls and they actually have a long range of stuff to offer for the girls. Of course I've only featured a few of their products in this site.

So I implore you guys to go and check out more things that they have to offer by getting in touch with Sukan G at:

and check out more of their stuff online!

Til the next post guys because the next one, I won't be writing from here in Malaysia! :D