Ril's Steakhouse @ KL

It has been an overwhelming week for me to be honest and the large number of well wishes truly hits a soft spot in ye old heart. Also there have been A LOT of questions as to how exactly I did the proposal the other day which will take some time for me to compile the videos and pictures altogether. First up, we start of with the place where I decided to propose...

[Ril's Steakhouse @ Thewarehouse - Quite possibly serves THE BEST steak in KL!]

While I was discussing with the rest of TeamTehTarik on the perfect location for us to do this, I was made aware of a quaint little treasure in the middle of KL city that serves some of the best western food I have ever tasted in a while.

So we decided to check out Ril's Steakhouse @ thewarehouse!

[Photo courtesy of Bangsarbabe]

The idea behind this restaurant was to combine the love of independent arts and music with and excellent western dining complete with the ambiance to match right in the middle of KL city. Boasting the very best of western food and steak, the have quite a reputation of maintaining tasty food and service at par.

So as per most of my previous restaurant reviews (I know... its been a while...), I'd look into the restaurant at the usual 4 "P"s.


Coming into this restaurant, expect to pay a hefty price for their food. But of course that would depend to what you would order in the restaurant. For steaks, their range would go in between RM70 - RM200 per dish but be mindful that the portion in this place are HUGE so I would think its worth the price.

As for the other options in the menu, you would look to pay around RM30 - RM60 per dish which goes to either chicken or fish dishes. 

Do check out their menu and prices HERE


As mentioned above, if you are looking for a romantic place to enjoy dinner with gorgeous ambiance of KL City and even live music on Thursdays, this is DEFINITELY the place to go. 

Located at Jalan Tun H. S. Lee (which is the same stretch as shops like Reggae Bar nearby Petaling Street and Chinatown), you would be welcomed by two different settings of the shop.

[Photo courtesy of Smitten By Food]

The ground floor is mainly an "artsy fartsy" chill out area where people can lounge and have drinks in a very old school setting. On Thursday nights, they have their "Open Mic Session" here where people would just come and sing with those in attendance.

[Up the stairs for the restaurant area. Watch your step, its rather steep!]

[Brilliant and cozy settings of the restaurant area]

Upstairs however you will find a "fine dining styled" restaurant with a somewhat rusty European feel to the place. Seriously perfect setting for romantic dinners if I may add...

There is however one small drawback of the location of the restaurant. Because of the fact that the restaurant is located in the smack middle of town, parking near the restaurant may be a bit of a problem, if not non existent. Thus, you would have to park quite a distance away from the restaurant so be mindful of this.


As I said earlier, their specialty here is the steak and believe me when I say this, THEY ARE NOT KIDDING. I do understand that they might be a little high on the price but I implore you to give their steak a shot. Made entirely from Halal certified beef, these guys really do know how to make a beef lover happy.

[With the Rib Eye I had that night which was DELISH!]

I do apologize for the crappy pictures of the food that I was taking, due to me still being a nervous wreck that night. Hence why I am borrowing a few pictures from other bloggers to do the food here justice.

[Photo courtesy of Kampung Boy City Gal]

[Photo courtesy of Goody Foodies]

[Photo courtesy of EatDrink KL]

Also included in the restaurant floor is a bar station at the back which serves a range of alcoholic drinks as well as mocktails and juices for those who opt not to drink.

[Bar area at the back!]


I know that most of my reviews, I'd talk more on the promotions of the place but I think its worth highlighting this about the restaurant. Some restaurants are known to have good service in their premises but this place has exceptional service. Extremely friendly service from their waiters, quick food serving and on top of all, we really did feel like we wanted to stick around and come back in the future. 

You see that night, I had a lot of things that I needed the restaurant to do and with the help of the staff there, they managed to provide ALL of the things that we needed to make the proposal work which I am extremely thankful of.

So in conclusion, the place really did bring out the best of western style steakhouses and especially with my extremely picky taste buds when it comes to steaks, I can safely say that this tops the list as one of my all time favorite places to go in KL. 

Seriously guys, give this place a try. You would not regret it. :)

Next up, how the night unfolded to this:

Ril's Steakhouse & The Warehouse Gallery Cafe,
198, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2022-0528

10:00am - 1:00am
Tuesday to Sunday
Closed Mondays

 Stay tuned!