Revamping Teh Tarik Memoirs!

So, as mentioned in the last post, there was going to me a major renovation with the looks of the site, which I think is long overdue considering that I have been using the same design for my blog since I first started it 3 years ago!

Taking into account on some of the comments that I received in the past couple of years on the design, majority of the comments mentioned that the design was a little "dark" and "murky" because of the color, which I agree. Some also say that the website design itself was not responsive enough and over the years, it did get a little sluggish with more and more things attached to the website. So some suggested that I go with a much brighter color and design for the site.

So, putting my limited knowledge in web designs and working hours after hours teaching myself new tricks, I present to you the new!

[a more futuristic design on the logo!]

As you can see, I revamped the entire outlook of the website to make things much brighter than the design before. Also I opted with a more futuristic look to the site rather than the previous "elegance" look that I was going for, which I am quite happy with the look!

Some of the general improvements also include that I have cleaned up the logos attached to this website to a very minimal number, which then makes this site runs much faster even in the slowest of browsers, using a "cloud style" listing for the labels of my post and the best part, I've also included an "archive" area for the web which was never there before!

[as you see it on your computer]

One of the most interesting new features in this site is that I completely changed the design of the tool bar to give it a more "action comic" feel to the website. So far all of the buttons work except for the the "about the drinker" portion which I will take some time to draft that one out nicely with an entirely new design.

Also I have included a new and improved "TeamTehTarik" page which gives u a more interactive list of the members with their individually designed buttons!

 [Team Teh Tarik now comes with their own icons!]

I've redesigned their individual background buttons to suit their individual blogging style as well. However the most interesting part is that they all have their own cartoon faces included on their button (which is created by the brilliant and talented comic blogger Ernest!) so you can compare the accuracy of his cartoons to the real people!


Despite the awesome design, there are some weaknesses on the site design. Because its a singular column layout, I have to limit the post to appear one post at a time so that I do not compromise the widgets at the bottom of the site, which can get annoying.

Also I realized that with posts with A LOT of pictures, it tends to lag a little bit, which I am at the midst of optimizing the design for that as well...

Things to finish

Right now the site is almost fully completed except for the "about me" page as well as reconfiguring the comment box to include the one that I used before. All this hopefully can be completed by today, depending whether there is still any creative juice running in the brain at the moment...

So guys, hope you like the new design and please feel free to tell me what you think of the new look of the website. I would really welcome ANY feedback on this website so that I can further improve on it as well!


  1. Thumbs up (including ibu jarikaki sekali)
    Cantik la bro!

    JEALOUS much tengok blog cantik!

  2. Bro, you got tons of space at the side la. Don't waste it. Nowadays computer screen not that small loo ;p