Iron Man 3 - the Trailer to the Trailer

Since the first time they released the movie, I think that the world have yet to be bored with the prospect of Iron Man movies so far. For every guy, it is a dream come true to see the realization of an iron suit kicking bad guys one movie at a time.

And now, they came out with a new one.

[Iron Man 3. here we go again...]

This is the first time that I see them coming out not only just a trailer but a trailer to the trailer itself and people anticipating for the release OF THE TRAILER which is out today on Tuesday 23 October 2012.

If you guys follow the comic before (like the comic geek that I am) you would know that the entire storyline would follow the Extremis storyline which would alter a lot of things in regards of the story we know so far, particularly about his suit. I'll leave that to the trailer then.... :)

What do we expect to see to change here then?

[Iron Man Model 30]

Major changes can be seen to his armor and my research shows that this might be the Extremis Armor that I've read in the comics before. If it is that one, then I can only say expect a really DIFFERENT way of him armoring up his suit than before. This might get interesting....

[Iron Patriot armor]

On first glance you would think that this would be another one of his suits for the movie but actually this could possibly be a modified version of the War Machine armor that would either fight side by side with him or against the Iron Man. Reason why I said that is because that in the comic, the Iron Patriot was worn by Norman Osborn, the bad guy in the comic. Another aspect to look out for in the movie...

[The Mandarin]

And finally, the bad guy just had to be the most badass of them all. The movie will introduce The Mandarin as the bad guy in the movie which quite honestly is one of the most badass villian in the comic series. It would be interesting to see how are they going to portray him but they sure did enlist a hell of an actor for the role...

So far I think I've can only come up with those information until we see the rest of the trailer. Once the the trailer is out, I will be posting the video

Do keep this space posted! :D