The One on Birthdays

Well, last week has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride for me on this blog, with the entire week spent promoting my entry for the Axe Anarchy Island Getaway competition (if you haven't seen the post, check it out HERE! So I'm glad to be back into the blogosphere on my normal blogging programming and what better way to start the week.

Indeed today is my 29th Birthday! :D

[Come come now, we all know this is true! :D]

So on that note, I actually would like to take the time to reflect on what has happened so far within the year and ponder if it has been a good one so far.

I have been running a lot these days (like you guys didn't notice... :P) and my running year this year has been in full swing, with some of the events that I participated even requires me to travel. To be honest from my last birthday post, I would have never imagine myself to get so hooked into running like this and it was not even in my intention to even get this far in running. Time will tell how long more can I run but god I would pray it last forever.

And of course within this year, more and more of my friends got themselves hitched or even having kids of their own which leaves me to ponder, is mine coming in soon? Right now I'm in a very very happy place in my relationship but as of now, we both are still trying to figure out when we will reach that stage.

Within the year, work has been even more hectic as before. With the year's prospect being bleak, I suppose a lot of us are struggling to make things happen in this economy. Still, it has been an extremely educational year for me and honestly in an environment where I am really the "small fish in a large pond of sharks", I really need to pick up the pace at work.

And because of that, my traveling schedule has slowed down a lot this year and that is really a shame... To be honest I am hoping for more places to travel within the year but unfortunately restrains kinda hampered down on that possibility. Hence why I am hoping and praying that I might get that slight chance to go to the Caribbean Islands for 2? *hint hint*...

Still all in all, it has been a rather outstanding year and I really am hoping for a great one ahead. Some was asking what is that one thing that I would want for my birthday. Honestly?

Its something that I might not be able to get so I'll leave it as a dream then. :D

To all the birthday wishes given so far, thank you so much for all the kind wishes and much love.

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  1. Happy birthday vedder jeremy black tudududu sidek

  2. Bro, happy besday OK
    Belanja la ye..
    Open house ka...

  3. Happy birthday..
    My birthday is one day earlier than yrs :)
    An I celebrated it by joining the Komtar tower run a day before my birthday ;)