NuffnangX - A Breakdown by the Teh Tarik Drinker

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So with the buzz around the blogosphere town that we now have another social platform announced in our midst. As many would already know, the launching of NuffnangX has now been made official and a lot are now looking to try out the new system to see what the hype was all about.

[NuffnangX - the new kid on the Blogosphere block!]

After being kept under wraps for weeks now, we finally got to check out the website itself, and I for one would love to give my opinions on what the website is all about! In a nutshell NuffnangX serves as an interactive blog reader and stalker that makes blog walking FAR more easier than before.

[NuffnangX user interface]

Relying on applications like Google Reader perhaps would give you the basic functionality of reading another blogpost but I do feel that with NuffnangX, it gives you a more "personal" touch to blog walking which is always good in my book.

Some of the features in the site I find interesting:

Mobile Application Interface:

One of the most interesting advancement they made was the specific mobile application that was built for NuffnangX!

What this does is that you no longer have to squint your eyes attempting to read blogs on the browser no more but the application automatically turns all website content into easy to read and upload feeds right into your phone. They once said that the future of blogs are within mobile phones and this would be a HUGE step for at least the Malaysian blogosphere to that future. Built specifically for Iphone and Android phone users, you get a very quick response to any given blog post, regardless of the number of pictures as well as the size of the page itself. Neato!

Chat Styled Comment Control

I thought this was kinda revolutionary. Before this, a lot of us would actually have a lot of trouble keeping track with the comments on your own blog or even have the opportunity to actually posts comments on others.

What the site does it takes over the comment section within your blog and turns it into a "chat styled" comment box and this gives the user a real quick breakdown of the conversations that has been made within a blog post.

However, I am not exactly a big fan of this feature to be honest because I still do like the old interface of my comment box on my blog. Still, might work for others, didn't really work out for me.

Getting to Know New Blogs

Most of us follow blogs that others would already have followed or heard of so its unlikely that one would stumble upon a new up and coming blog that might tickle your interest. With the blog recommendation feature, the site actually tries to suggest to you on sites that might fall under your interest and in the same time identify what suits your readership through your interest.

Something similar to most blog aggregator site around town, I can see that it does work in the same interface as most of them as well.

I have to admit I do have my doubts at first because one would not be able to guarantee that the parameters of the readers would suit to the recommended reading of the site but I did stumble on to new sites from around the world that got me hook reading. So cool!

Easy to Learn and Use Interface

You see I am not the most technically sound person on the internet.

[Main interface for user profiles]

But to be honest the site is kinda straight forward except for some areas that needed some getting used to. I believe because they wanted to keep this site fast and clean, most of the features are very straight forward therefore I find it quite easy to learn and get used to.

So far I have had only a couple of days to really tinker with the website and thus only have come up with these comments so far. To be honest I am still experimenting with the site but we'll see how that turns out...

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