Funny Marathon Spectator Signs

I see a lot of quirky and weird things when I'm running a marathon but one thing that myself and the rest of the Teh Tarik Runners would agree that the one thing that motivates us the most is volunteers cheering people on during a race.

[Runner volunteers from my Standard Chartered KL run!]

It may not be anything much to most of you but you'd be surprised on how much these support would mean to runners in the final kilometers of a marathon race, regardless of what the distance is. Unfortunately, the culture of putting up signs and supporting other runners is not really a culture practiced here in Malaysia.

That is something I would want to change.

So what I plan to do is after running my next race, I would want to stick around with my homemade signs and start supporting other runners! :D

But what should I write?

I found some of these quirky ones that I personally love and would fit so well here in Malaysia!

[He didn't?]

 [anyone can relate to this!]

[This sometimes happen to a lot of us...]

[This guy was standing 1 km from the finishing line of the Marine Corp Marathon]

[Admit it, we all done it when we were a kid. Why stop now?]

[I dare you not to say "aww" for this]

[So simple yet so funny!]

[For all you running nerds out there...]

[I suspect this was an Asian sign, dont you think?]

[This can be interesting!]

[I would love the person holding this sign!]

and of course my personal fav, which I saw at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012...

 [If this doesn't make you run faster, nothing will]
[Photo courtesy of Run Fairy Run]

I've got the Taiping International, the Putrajaya International, Penang Bridge and the Standard Chartered Singapore left to run for this year. If you see me holding any of this signs in those events, please feel free to give me a shout out!


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  1. Haha, I like the little girls one! :D

  2. That last photo was taken by me at SCKLM, would have been nice and courteous if you had credited it (and the others too). :)

  3. Case in point.

  4. my apologies. duly noted with changes on the post.