35 Challenges of the Office World

Many years ago, a few of my colleagues at work stumbled upon a list of challenge that you can do in the office that was absolutely hilarious. Mind you, these are not exactly your everyday challenges that you have and it actually involves people in the office, regardless whether they are aware of it or not!

check out the original list  here

So during that time, we actually made a "scavenger style" challenge for some of us in the office and went rampant in the office for one whole day. Granted we got into heaps of trouble by the management but it was so funny that even when we got called to the boss's room and got told off, we couldn't stop laughing thinking about it.

Last week, I decided to challenge the boys of #PagiRockCrew from my favorite morning radio station, Fly.Fm to undertake the same challenges that I did and see how they fair up for the challenge. The reason why I thought of this is because I knew the boys were nutjobs and they would be the first bunch that would be so up for this challenge.

This was my initial tweet.:

and thought nothing of it after. Earlier this morning, this was their response....

Now at this point it was as expected. Because the boys of #PagiRockCrew are notoriously known for their wacky awesome stunts, I believe that the challenges that was posed to the boys were way to easy for them and their legendary status of craziness....

[The #PagiRockCrew laughs at my challenge, while wearing a dress. That's how badass they are...]

So now I have a task to come up with wacky ideas to re-challenge the boys. Most of y'all out there would know, TeamTehTarik never backs down on a nutty challenge in the past and we are not going to start now. 

So, with the addition of some people who tweeted Fly.Fm, we have:

35 Trials and Challenges of the Office World
(teh tarik edited version!)

objective: complete as many things on the list within the end of the working day (or set period of time)

1 point Challenges :
-Convince your co-workers that you have an absolute fear of staplers.
-Refer to all male colleague as "Nancy" and female colleague as "Bob" for the entire day.
-In a discussion with non-players, end 10 suggestions with "as stated in the prophecy".
-Create new nicknames for 5 of your colleagues and refer to them with such names for the day.
-Create an adult movie name for yourself. Convince co-workers to call you that name for the day.
-Call office helpdesk and ask that you cant access blocked websites online (Youtube, Facebook, porn).
-In an elevator, casually say "if you're wondering, it was me" and keep a straight face.
-Choose a colleague and repeatedly ask him/her "did you hear that?" for one hour.
-Whenever passing a collegue's office with a window, skip past and giggle gingerly.
-Call a colleague and during the conversation, press a button to make it sound as if you got censored.
-Respond to every suggestions from colleagues with "Pfft... thats what you think"
-Start a presentation with a title slide saying "The End". Say, "Look, it's the beginning of the end".

3 point challenges :
-During a meeting, lean your chest over a colleague and say "could you repeat that for the tape?"
-Post random numbers on female colleagues with Post-It notes, claiming its their score for the week.
-Change into shorts and cover yourself with water. As you exit, casually mention "that was a great swim"
-Confront a colleague and scream wildly "WHO ARE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO _____?"
-Place your arm on an intern (non-player) and say "I am not your father" and weep.
-Say to a colleague "eh you know what...." and walk away. Ignore their pleas.
-Gangnam dance your way to the toilet and back
-Come in full tights and when asked, you answer "I'm cycling myself to Olympic glory".
-Bite a few biscuits and offer them to colleagues, telling them you have checked them for poison.
-Run across the office hallway with the Indiana Jones theme music. Scream and look back while running.
-Every time someone asks you to do something, reply mysteriously, "Just as I foresaw." Hum while walking away

5 point challenges :
-Have a long toilet paper stuck in the back of your pants. When asked, reply "its the 'in' thing now..."

-Seduce a photocopier and make sure you get caught. When so, walk away while saying "I'll see you tonite" to the photocopier.

-Walk down to the cafeteria during lunch, go on your knees and scream "AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, I WILL NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN!" and walk away.

-Have a serious discussion with the boss. At the end the discussion hold your hands up for a high-5 without saying anything. Double points if he high-5 you back.

-Crawl into a meeting/discussion room and whispers "be quiet, I think I saw it here".

-Enter a female toilet and apply make up while catwalking in and out of the office.

-Seduce a female colleague with a Spanish accent song and a guitar.

-Tie a Malaysian flag on you and underwear on the outside and walk around with the Superman theme song at the background. Approach a female co-worker and say "Excuse me ma'am, is there anything I can help?"

-Ask for a day off tomorrow morning. 2 minutes later, ask him which cinema has the best seats for morning shows.

-Cover a female colleague's phone in cellophane tape and leave a note "Reduction in Noise Pollution in Progress"

-Have a office chair race across the hall. Winner gets points. Double points if have commentary

-Completely cover an male boss's office with Justin Bieber pictures and posters when absent. When he returns, play "Baby" in the background.

And there you have it folks, the number of challenges that I feel would at least challenge the boys for a run of their money. Who know how are they going to respond to this and quite frankly I am excited to see how they are going to respond to this!

got a challenge that you think the #PagiRockCrew should do for the office challenge?
Leave them at the comment below!

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  1. Hahahahaha!!! Finally got to read this. You are ridiculous. I sent the my compiled list to our web team so they're in the midst of uploading it to our website. But I'll tell them to add some of yours too mmmkay? Gave you major props on our page. Hope you don't mind, I added your twitter handle too coz you awesome like that :P you better take part in this too. Current count, hafiz has 18 points and prem has 20.

  2. Oh no... who is badass... har3