AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

When I was told that there is an opportunity from Axe Malaysia to win a chance to go on a trip to the Caribbean Islands, I was stoked as I have always wanted to go there for the longest time. However, I was told that in order to do so, I would need to showcase my best, charming moves that I usually use in order to charm the opposite sex.

That is a slight problem.

[The Original TehTarikDrinker]

You see I was not born charming or even the best looking chap around town. In fact growing up in an all boys boarding school, I would even dare say that I had zero confidence around girls, let alone having any sort of game plan to charm a girl. I was that bad in my game that I once giggled like a girl and ran away when a girl came and said hi to me....

Fortunately, that was in the past.

Over the years I took it upon myself to improve my charming tactics, my quirky wit and any other things I need to impress the opposite sex. It took many years, I have to admit, but in the end of the day I managed to clean myself up a little bit, put on some pounds, and dressed a little nicer. Which turned me into something like this today:

[Teh Tarik Drinker today!]

Over the years, one of the most important thing that I did to improve my chances with the ladies is to improve my tactics and moves when it comes to approaching or even talking to a girl. Now bear in mind that it takes a lot of years to really develop my moves, some of which I would have to admit went to complete failure but some worked wonders for me. One thing for sure though, it was not easy...

So, question is, what are these moves I keep mentioning?

It's this:

[The Teh Tarik Playbook]

A compilation of all the moves that I have collected over the years into one simple instruction book that is guaranteed to at least get the ball rolling to talk to any girl you have in mind. Because every girl is different in her own unique way, I also compiled different methods to approach a girl that is perhaps your ordinary Jane:


To someone that looks like, well, Fay Houkalani :)

[Well hello there...]

Of course most of you would think that I would give a written description of what is in that Playbook of mine and what are those best charming moves or suave tactics that I have compiled over the years. However I feel that it is not enough for me to just write about the book as I may fear that you would not feel the ideas behind those moves.

So I made a small video presentation on it!

[Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Teh Tarik Playbook]

There was some that came and asked me at one point, how exactly do you define that term "uncontrollable attraction" to the opposite sex? Well, for most of the times we men always get this part wrong simply because that its something that is VERY subjective and quite honestly if you ask another guy on this subject, you'll get it wrong because you're asking a guy to think like a girl.

On that note, I decided to interview the girls in Team Teh Tarik on what they term "uncontrollable attraction" in a guy they look for and see if we can finally unlock this mystery as well!

[See what the girls really say about uncontrollable attraction!]

So there you have it folks, something what I can present to you guys on what I have collected over the years on me surviving to charm and even talk to the opposite sex. However, I do feel that there is so much more to add in the Teh Tarik Playbook and I would love to add in more creative moves and charming plays so what better way for me to do so than in trying out different moves in the sunny beach of the Anarchy Island! :D

As for now I do believe I have enough to at least charm my way through to the ladies and judging from the video, I do believe that I am funny enough to at least make the girls laugh which I think is a charming tactic on its own! Who knows what I can do if I have an opportunity to hit the sunny beach in the Axe Anarchy Island. Another video perhaps? :)


For all you peeps out there reading this, you too can take the opportunity to join in the fun with Fay Houkalani at the Axe Anarchy Island in the Caribbeans. All you have to do is this:

1. The Wet and Wild Contest

Swing by their Facebook website HERE and post your most creative photo and comment there to stand a chance of winning a trip for two! Dead simple!

2. Axe Anarchy Island Getaway for Nuffnang Bloggers!

The good people at Nuffnang have done an awesome job at reserving two spots for the winner to the Anarchy Island. As per usual best post for the competition gets the grand prize and seriously I would have to say an awesome grand prize indeed!

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Steady...
    I need your play book bro... he he he...

  2. Hahaha, pinjam paybook tu bro :) Hilarious man, love the creativeness. 

  3. Nice post.. all the best in the contest :) 

  4. Great post and videos bro! :)

    I loved how you presented the playbook. Heh. All the best mate!

  5. hahah anytime bro! :D

  6. haha let see if i can make the book in print! :D

  7. thank you so much!

  8. thanks much mate! lets see if i can add more into the list!

  9. Creative and funny. Are you a fan of How I Met your mother?

  10. Dude, you're the type of blogger that after I go through your post, I will add your link to my blogroll and then keep coming. Really awesome blogging, buddy!

    And all the best to you in this competition yo. I wanted to join but after reading your entry and watching your clip, I can say bye bye to this competition. wakakaa.

    Happy Wednesday btw!

  11. ur vid is super awesome. reminds me of my campus mates who are way handsome than they were in the uni. wonder if they need ur playbook for me to recommend.

    good luck!

  12. Thanks so much and yup, im a huge fan!

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  19. Bro, your post is the best I've read so far! And the playbook video, pure gold man, totally lost it when you started gangnam styling away. Haha looks like you're booked for the Caribbean trip man!