Tim and Audrey's "UP" Themed Wedding

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Ever since the emergence of the ever viral Meme Proposal, Tim and Audrey's wedding now becomes one of the most anticipated weddings in town, on the basis that many would be curious to see how are they going to incorporate the whole "UP" theme to their wedding. For those who don't know the story behind this, Tim and Audrey is one of the most quirky couples that I know and in concurrent to that, they decided to make their theme for their wedding based on the Disney movie "UP"!

[Welcome to Tim and Aud's fantasy themed wedding!]

I was so thankful to be fortunate enough to get an invite to the wedding and as expected I was giddy to get dressed and see this wedding for myself. Although that I have attended a lot of weddings in the past, this would be the first time for me to attend a Chinese wedding which is the only kind of wedding that I have yet to attend in Malaysia.

So that night, we got ourselves dressed up real nice and headed to the the Straights Quay Convention Center in Penang. As we got there, there were so many people already mingling around and checking their table numbers.

[Bridesmaids helping people out with the registration]

[Real pretty table settings for the registration counter]

[Once registered, we left our thumbprint to the register card!]

Once we got ourselves settled in, it was still a while before they let people into the hall so we decided to mingle around the area. All the "who's who" was there talking and mingling as well, with a lot of Penang's VIP people all gathered there as well as the blogosphere heavyweight celebrities were also present. Kinda made me look like the little fish swimming in a big pond of sharks for a bit there...

Initially we did have trouble finding which table we were sitting but with Fresh's help (who we didn't get to take pictures with), we finally spotted our names. Before we went in, we decided to enjoy the decorations in the outside waiting area, which was extremely gorgeous!

[The outside waiting area is made to look like Carl's living room, only with old pictures of Tim and Aud!]

[Took some fresh air and enjoyed the view of Penang]

[Floor plan layout for the entire hall]

As I mentioned, with the wedding being based on a "UP" theme, so many decorations were made based on the movie but the best one was the decoration in front of the entrance door.

[Men usually swim seas and cross fires for their partners. Tim went one up and gave Audrey a floating house]

[Miss Ave T wanted one too! I gotta figure out the mechanic calculations to do this...]

So as we were done cam whoring and shrieking to every single decorations they have out there, it was time to take our seats and start the show! 

[The view of the banquet hall]

[Center table for the bride and groom]

The entire ballroom was decorated to look like an outdoor wedding with balloons and lanterns to light up the entire area. There were floating ornaments running around everywhere and the tables were beautifully decorated with detailed designs of Tim and Aud's adventures together.

[Center stage decorated with drawing of the couple by the ever talented Chee Ching]

[Our table!]

[Loving this table candle decoration!]

 [Menu for the night!]

[Awesome looking door gifts for the guests]

So as we got acquainted with the people of our table, we realized that we were sitting with some of Nuffnang's partners from Thailand, Hong Kong and China. Although at first we thought it would be rather awkward for us to sit there but those guys turned out to be a hoot and a half! Particularly Jay who spent the entire time talking through his time in Malaysia and sharing so many stories with me, also the rest of the Nuffnang partners who was a joy to talk to!

Then, Tim and Audrey arrived in the hall!

[Tim and Audrey walking down the hall]

[Joining the best men and bridesmaids on stage]

[Bridesmaids in line]

And so after the formalities, the wedding officially started with a few speeches made by Tim and his dad, cake cutting ceremony and presentation of food. Honestly the food was really superb (probably also because I was starving from fasting) and the dishes was really something to enjoy. The music for the night was performed by a three piece jazz band which was one of the best yet simple band I have seen in a wedding in my life and was churning out some real awesome songs from the past. 

They also had a few videos playing over the life and times of both Tim and Audrey and the history they have with each other. Some of the speeches given by the friends and family was seriously hillarious (Ming even included some visual aids for his speech) and got everyone in the hall laughing.

[Tim corking the bottle of champagne]

[Audrey looked real elegant in her dinner dress!]

[Blushing groom really enjoying his night!]

[Ave even got a picture with one of the bridesmaid, Xiaxue who was really nice enough to take a picture with her even though she was halfway eating. You would think with her ferocious reputation she would be snobbish but honestly so far meeting her she has never been short of a friendly face and attitude. Kudos!]

All in all everything went exceptionally well that night, with everything went without a hitch. The entire wedding itself was really a night to remember and it kinda sets in a very very high benchmark for other couples to beat when it comes to this wedding. With all the speeches that was done that night, there was one that Tim mentioned that I thought was really great.

"We all came to celebrate the most imperfect couple who is genuinely perfect for each other"

You guys sure are. Congratulations on both the newlyweds, Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi for a brilliant wedding reception and a start of a great adventure together. Thank you so much again guys for inviting us to come and experience this wedding with you guys, which we really do appreciate!

Please do visit their sites to wish them for their lives ahead. Or leave your comments here and I will be sure to relay it to them! :D

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  1. reeneeraaid.blogspot.comJuly 30, 2012 at 11:27 AM

    what a lovely wedding! creative decorations :)

  2. pretty special theme for wedding dinner ^^

  3. aww! lovely couple there! :D

  4. It definitely looked (from my point of view) like an awesome night. The theme of the wedding is definitely not like the usual Chinese wedding dinner that we usually have. (Y)

  5. It's definitely the first Chinese wedding dinner that is not Chinese at all, loving all the decorations they've made! Absolutely fulfilling the 'UP THEMED'!! It's been a while since I saw Miss Ave T :D

  6. Congratulations! So lovely the theme and all the decorations so sweet! 

  7. I went Awww all the way seeing all the photos on instagram uploaded by nuffnang and the others. They are so sweeeeet!

  8. It may be your first Chinese wedding but it's so cute and adorable and Up, it's not very Chinese hahaha. Can't wait for them to blog about this :D

  9. indeed it is! everything went as expected!

  10. agreed. we all really did enjoy the theme that night

  11. which I believe made it even more special. funny how this was my first impression of chinese weddings.

  12. we've gotta figure out something to top it ken haha~!

  13. yup, i think everyone was really impressed with the decorations, especially with all the expectations!

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  16. totally agree on that. i think a lot got teary eyed after watching their wedding video

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  18. wooo! it;s in penang! and their theme is real cute!

  19. it is. we drove all the way up to attend it!