Sights and Sounds of Ramadhan

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So we are now in the first week of fasting month and so far it has been quite a breeze and have not much affected my daily work and routine. Then again it is the first week so lets hope that the rest of the week will be easier to go through once the body gets used to the eating routine during Ramadhan period.

While in the midst of going through fasting month, there is a trend that I tend to see among Malaysians observing the month which I would have to respectfully disagree. Because we live in a multiracial country, we will always be around non Muslim people who still go on with their daily routines which would obviously include them having their normal meals.

To me I don't think that its anything wrong with them doing so, even if they are doing that in front of people who are fasting. It is tempting but I honestly believe that we shouldn't be asking people to make your fasting period "easier" for you because the whole idea of fasting is to develop the self discipline within you to resist temptations, rather than telling people off because it is hard.

I've spent my entire life not only in Malaysia but traveling and living in other countries and I have experienced my fair share of challenges while observing Ramadhan then and I don't think its that bad here in Malaysia, even with all the other races who do not observe the month.

It has nothing to do with disrespect honestly and especially within this month, it is the best time for us to test and develop our understanding of others and in the same time our own discipline and control over our own desires. It is also the best time for us to appreciate the humble appreciation of our fellow neighbors and we sure won't be able to do that while being angry.

Which why this year I am upping the ante by training during the Ramadhan month. Just because I am in fasting month does not mean I slack in training right?

So for all of those out there observing the month of Ramadhan with me, I wish all the warm wishes for the month. May you find your inner peace and understanding during the trials of fasting this month.

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