Nuffnang Astro-On-The-Go Launch Party!

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A week ago, I was given the opportunity to join in the fun with the awesome people from Nuffnang to launch a new application by Astro specifically for people to access their programs via mobile application, almost anywhere anytime! It has been a while since I last joined in the party with the bloggers so I was really looking forward to this.

Best thing about this party? Its a fancy dress party.

And lord knows how I go nuts with that...

[We'll be using this for this party..]

So the idea is that we are required to get dressed in our favorite football jersey which does give some limited ideas of what I can do. After much thinking, I decided to go with the Malaysian National Football jersey, with of course some serious accessorizing. In the mean time, I also got TeamTehTarik member ShazK to help out on costume and join in the fun.

My idea was to get dressed head to toe with everything I got about Malaysia and in the same time, create some serious war face paint for the occasion. I know most of the people who attended the party wanted to know where did the design come from. The idea was to combine something like this:

 to make a tiger stripped effect like this:


and look mean and nasty, so that you would NOT look like this:

So after about an hour working on the costume as well as the design of the face paint, I ended up looking something like this...

[TeamTehTarik takes on Harimau Malaya!]

So we got ourselves dressed and headed to the The Pool, KL to the party. Unfortunately for us that the rain decided to pour like no tomorrow, which meant that we had to endure the absurd traffic of getting into KL and getting lost at the same time because we could not navigate ourselves around KL to save our lives that night. Nevertheless, we got ourselves there in time for the party and by then, there was a WHOLE LOT OF people!

And we started going nuts taking pictures with everyone!

[By the time we got there, they were showcasing the Astro-On-The-Go flash mob!]

One of the things that I brought along with me was my secret weapon to make a lot of noise. Featured before in this post, I brought along the every noisy HARIMAU MALAYA VUVUZUELA!

[unleashing the secret weapon!]


[We even added more noise to the party with our football cries!]

The night kicked off with so many great things going around the area. Not only we had awesome tasting food being served to the people there, they decided to have a game where people are divided into groups and challenge each other for a prize. Seeing that it was Euro Cup fever, it was a little wonder that the theme for the games were based on the countries participating for the competition.

[Party people starting to compete with one another!]

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't really join in the contest because the sweat and rainwater decided to dilute my face paint a little, which started to trickle into my eyes a little bit. This of course led to a series of excruciating pain in my eyes the whole night...

Still the party has to keep going so I decided to take pictures with people instead!

[With a fellow Harimau Malaya supporter!]

I was ecstatic that night so many people was so receptive and supportive with the costumes we came in with. Usually when you go nuts over costume parties, you tend to face the risk of people not liking your costume but that night, everybody was so game with what we wore. 

[With RedMummy, picture courtesy of the awesome Issac!]

[Snapshot with the awesome Ms.Pen Merah]

[With the sexy and ever friendly Carina!]

[With Joel who had some great pictures for the night!]

[Ms Yana asked us to pose, which we happily complied!]

[also posing with ms Siezuka!]

[With the ever friendly Nuffnang party regular Brawlins!]

[Hsien even managed to catch us registering! :D]

[Tiger pose with Cik Lily Putih and the rest of Geng Tali Barut!]

So as you can see,the night itself was nothing short of crazy but just as we thought that was the pinnacle of the night, we had another surprise activity coming our way. 

The best dressed competition!

And thanking my lucky starts, I got selected as the top 4 in contention to win the best dressed title for the night!


[The finalist strutting their stuff on the catwalk, which I completely suck at!]

As we huffed and puffed for the competition, eventually the winner was announced to the much deserving... 

[The fabulous REDMUMMY!]

[Even we got ourselves a consolation prize!]

[With the rest of the finalist!]

So that was the night I had such a blast partying with the bloggers from Nuffnang and big kudos to the people at Astro who made the night a huge blast for everyone and especially for me.

Personally I thought that the entire idea of Astro On the Go Application is seriously a huge advantage for most of us in Malaysia. No longer that I would have to rush back home to either tune in to my football games or even my weekly wrestling matches anymore!

And right now, we all get to try this awesome application FOR FREE until the end of August to have a feel what this baby can do!

it doesn't matter whether it is for the IPad or IPhone

Which you can download the app HERE

or for any web browsers
which you can download the app HERE 

it doesn't really matter which platform that you use, it pretty much fits for almost all which is super convenient for people on the move like myself! Honestly give it a try!

After this night, I seriously had so much fun meeting up with familiar faces and I am so looking forward for the next one soon!

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  1. Hey Hi...Looking at your pics I believed your guys had a lot of fun during the event. I came across your site from Cutebun. I found your story and writing very good yet simple :-)

  2. At first glance, your face painting reminds me of Spiderman. :P

  3. Design your own bracelet with ULINX fashion jewelry APP.

  4. Bump on ur post in innit, and found out u went to Astro-On-the-Go also. Wow! this is so fun. 
    Alaaaa but too bad that day I couldn't make it. :(
    Dang my invites wasted.. So good to see you guys having so much fun. :'(

  5. thanks so much for visiting! I truly had a blast during the event and the amount of support that came from the people was amazing!

  6. of all things bro? hahahah!

  7. its quite a shame that you didnt manage to make it that night. I'm sujre there would be more opportunities to attend in the future!