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Just a short update for today, coming ahead to a very big one this weekend. I do realize that over the years of me blogging, I have made it quite difficult for people to contact me via this website and the one reason I realized is that I don't really have a contact me button before this.

[ - a very nifty website]

I think the reason why I hesitated to put my email contact there is because of the fear of spam emails hitting my personal email which can get annoying. So over the years I relied on communication via the comment box which proved rather inefficient to be honest.

So a friend of mine pointed this out and suggested I should create a comment form instead. Looked around and found this nifty little website called EmailMe!.com which provides a very simple yet effective platform for users to just add a simple "email me" button without the hassle of complicated HTML tags or anything.

[getting communications done fast]

As you can see on the bottom right of this site, the contact button will constantly move about as you browse through and keeps it very minimal at the same time. With a click of a button, users are then given a form to fill up and through this, you would be able to filter the information sent to you by people before it reaches your mail which I think its kinda cool.

I know that I am a little slow in putting this in the website but among all of the services provided out there on the internet, I think this one works the best as it is simple, fast and best of all it doesn't clutter your webpage with anything else apart from just a contact button.

Go on, give it a try. And do tell me your comments on it!

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  1. Cool, no email add given! Haha, but you could get a for blog email purpose. :)

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