Cruel, Heartless Malaysians

The first thing I read in the news today, quite literally my heart sank to an all time low. I am sure that most of you are aware of what happened to a 60 year old lady in Penang who fell victim to another vile snatch thief attack. Quite frankly the whole turn of events made me sick in the stomach.

[Sequence of pictures courtesy of The Star MY]

Mdm Tan Kim Chuan suffered a cracked skull after falling victim to what appears to be a snatch thief case and in the whole time she was lying unconscious on the road, no one bothered to help her and there were even 7 people recorded to notice her but kept on walking. It was only after 7 minutes that 3 people came and help her to call an ambulance.

She later succumbed to her injuries and was later found that earlier help might have given her a chance to recover from her injuries.

This now worryingly shadows the incident that we hear happening in China, where the people there could not even be bothered to stop and help others because "it would be a nuisance to themselves" or "would not benefit them in any way". Right now, it looks like our attitude to others have begin to shift to that cold attitude towards others.

Whatever happened to our culture that take pride of considering the plight of others? When I was growing up I remembered that we used to teach so much of this value to our kids and our own children yet now we see people not even valuing the life of another person just because it would be a hassle for you to do something about it. Has all those value become something that we merely say and when it comes to the real thing, we pretend that nothing is happening so it will just go away?

To those that just walked away and to those that feel by walking away and not get involved is the right thing to do, I detest on your cruel and black heart to think that it is not your responsibility to do anything about it. I hope those who didn't even bother to help would not sleep at night thinking of what could have happened if they came around to help the lady in dire need.

Perhaps this is the price you pay for going into a so called "modern, mature and sophisticated" society where human values and moral obligations no longer matter anymore.

For those that truly believe that helping others no matter what is still relevant in this society, keep it up. Come at least in this cruel world we must have those that still believe in the goodness of the heart.

The reason why I am writing this is because this is a wake up call to us Malaysians of what our own people are turning into. We are not like those countries where their people only put monetary and beneficial gains ahead of everything in their lives. We are Malaysians who value our moral obligation of helping others without questioning any other issues around it. Stop this attitude for it is killing our own society.

Shame on you.

My condolences to the family members of the deceased. May they find the criminal and punish those who omitted their social responsibility as well.


  1. Teringat pula apa yang jadi kes budak kena langgar dengan van..
    Di Malaysia pun ada rupanya...

  2. jgnkan sampai org malaysia terikut2 perangai mereka diluar, sampaikan nyawa org lain dah tak penting bagi mereka...

  3. I felt shame as well. Like no humanity anymore..