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I know that this may come in a little late, considering that many have seen the movie much earlier than I did. Unfortunately I had to go through a rather tough week at work and at home last week so I only got around to watch the movie last weekend with Miss Ave T, after considering our choices of movies for the day.

[Snow White just got bad-assed!]

So we find ourselves watching Snow White and the Huntsman for a number of reason. An all star cast featuring very familiar faces as characters in the movie as well as me being curious on how are they going to take in an aged old fairytale in the big screen. One other reason of me choosing to watch this movie was some saying Charlize Theron brought out an amazing performance in this movie. That and she was hot as hell!

In the ages of men and magic, the storyline follows a princess that possess unimaginable beauty in a kingdom, which was hijacked by a woman scorned with a vengeance of her past and a power within her that could break men and kingdoms. Until she realised that the beauty possessed within Snow White was the sole reason of both her destruction and her saviour. And so she sent a huntsman to locate the princess, only to be the reason of Snow White rising up against the oppression and taking a throne that rightfully belongs to her.

In general, I felt that the storyline and screenplay of the entire movie was rather dry. Although I am a rabid fan of the classics, I was sorely disappointed with the direction that the movie took to portray the characters themselves. Nevertheless, Charlize Theron really did bring in a hardcore performance of portraying evil within beauty. Without a doubt, she is the sole reason to watch this movie.

So, this is my general breakdown of the movie.

Would I watch it again? : Nope, was not worth another viewing, even found it boring the first time around.

Movie or DVD worthy? : DVD if I am bored...

Plot : Although the portrayal of the character got revamped with a twist, which I do appreciate, but the lack of acting from certain characters totally bombed the movie. Plus the supposedly "epic battle" that was suppose to happen in the movie turned out nothing more than just 100+ people with swinging swords...

Star Power :  Very strong cast and as mentioned earlier, Charlize Theron brought the movie to life. There is something so evil yet mesmerizing with her character and that itself is proof of her abilities.

Teh Tarik Rating : I'll give a disappointing 3 out of 10.

One major complain that I had in the movie was Kristen Stewart's portrayal of her character. Very lacking any enthusiasm throughout the movie and if anything, there were so many mistakes that happened in the movie if you look at it in the minute detail. Perhaps thats the reason why people make fun of her from the Twilight series huh?

So there you have it, my take on the movie itself. If you have already watched this movie, please do leave a comment to tell me what you guys thought of the movie. Would love to read it!

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