TehTarikDrinker Attending Blogopolis 2012

I guess the buzz is around town by now, with Nuffnang promoting their latest event that is certain to get almost every active blogger within this region very excited. For most people, including myself, are used to getting involved with work or career based conferences that usually will involve work related matters. Very serious stuff...

Now, I am attending a conference specifically built around blogging.

After almost three years of being active in the blogging world, this is a great opportunity of improving tehtarikmemoirs.com to another level and getting to know more on how the rest that are already there do it. Over the years, I have been experimenting on different kinds of method on improving the traffic and readership within this ol blog of mine but so far I have done so without proper direction or guidance.

[Heavyweight Bloggers of the Region, of the many few speakers in the event]

By far, this is one of the greatest blog initiative that I have seen conducted by Nuff and I am excited to see the outcome of O tthe event itself, let alone attending the whole conference. For many, these are one of those rare opportunities that most of us would like to know within the inner works of becoming a successful blogger within the region, particular with tools and methods that are tested to work for at least these people.

So generally, there are a few expectations that I hope to learn from all this:

The Inner Works of Blogging

Any Tom, Dick and Harry can create a blog. Thats simple. But what goes on under the hood of your blog is a different story altogether. I think I would like to hear what these people think of the do's and don't on the technicality matter of blogging which is something that many would usually miss out on learning properly. On that note, I would love to learn more on that one.

Creative Ideas Sharing

Of the number of nonsensical ideas and things that I have done for this blog over the years, comes to little surprise that I would look forward to share some ideas on new things that can be done for this blog in a nutshell.I have to admit that I have been lacking a little bit on the creativity department so a jump start on that would do wonders for the blog. Plus it would be great to even share my own ideas with those participating the event itself.

Redesigning your Blog

This is something that I have been meaning to do for ages with this blog but never got the chance to actually do it. Over the years, there have been some comments from both my friends and the general public on the design of this blog and I do have to concur that sometimes I feel that there is so much to improve in the old design of this blog. Over the years, I have been meddling about with the mechanics of this blog until to the point of foregoing the design itself. Pity...

So looking on with new ways of improving the design of this blog, I am seriously all ears...

For those of you guys out there that are looking to find new things about your own blog, then I implore you to come around and join in for the conference. If anything I believe that this would be a worthwhile investment on your own creation that you have started on your own and I am sure it deserves to get a good overhaul for the better.

And if you guys see me there, come around and say hi and I would love to talk and share ideas with y'all. See you there!

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  1. yeah. hopefully the input will be worth amount paid..;-))

  2. eh bro im not heavyweight la! lol! segan la you put my pic there alongside real powerhouses! shy liao!

  3. I'm attending too..See u there bro...

  4. thinking to attending to... www.redlomo.com :)